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am I good enough

Am I good enough?

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We all worry about this. Are we good enough? Good enough in all the ways we need to be good. Am I a good enough partner? Am I a good enough lover, worker, writer, dominant, submissive? Even when we are feeling at our best and the world is ticking along as planned it can still sneak up on us and trash our day in an instant. Suddenly that feeling of… Read More »Am I good enough?


Who’s the Boss?

As a submissive, you’re in control. I might start to sound like a broken record. We agree on so many things that she recently said “Btw, I’d like to find a d/s topic we disagree on.” Sadly this is not that occasion. In her post Out of Control Lillith has once again said the things that I feel too. But in case it needs saying again, here are my thoughts.… Read More »Who’s the Boss?

s got the Look

She’s got the Look

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She doesn’t know she has it. But I see it. In every picture that is just for us. Every time we are together and she is feeling loving or submissive. It is unmistakable and amazing. She doesn’t know the impact it has on me. How it makes my heart race or how it stirs my soul. It feeds my dominance too, when she gets that look. It turns me on… Read More »She’s got the Look

Beyond Question

Beyond Question

A submissive shouldn’t question a Dominant’s orders. It’s not a submissive’s position to know what a dominant’s reasons are. A submissive shouldn’t question a Dominant’s orders. They should just do it and trust the dominant with that decision. Once upon a time I had young children and I taught them to question everything. That is a skill that all people need in life, not just in d/s, but especially in… Read More »Beyond Question

The willing bondage of consent

The Willing Bondage of Consent

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I have been thinking about us recently. To be completely honest I think about us a lot. I am doing my best to be a better boyfriend and dom and so I am constantly reviewing what we have done, what we will do and what we might do. Since my brain is fairly broken my thoughts often go to different place that is distant from where I started and this… Read More »The Willing Bondage of Consent

dark side of the moon

The Dark Side of the Moon

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but for me kink isn’t dark. It is not me exposing the evil core of my soul. It isn’t a way to exorcise my demons or pass on abuse that has been done to me. I will never do kink angry, or intoxicated, or without the fully informed consent of my partner. It is just exploring things that turn… Read More »The Dark Side of the Moon


One Title to Rule Them All

Dominants tend to be the “Alpha Male”, and that is why “Dom” is always spelled with a capital, while “sub” is always lowercase. People love rules. They love to impose rules on everything. That isn’t always a bad thing because without rules humans tend to make things go very wrong. But like so many thing people get pedantic and want there to be rules when none are really needed and… Read More »One Title to Rule Them All


Freedom is just another word for nothing left to Lose

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This prompt will no doubt inspire many thoughts about what freedom is and what it means to them. And whether it can be taken away or not. For me freedom is an illusion. We are not truly free, we cannot do whatever we want regardless of the impact on other people. Otherwise society couldn’t function as we would all be acting solely based on our own self interest. The same… Read More »Freedom is just another word for nothing left to Lose

Terms of Service

Terms of Service

One of the things on the list for our last visit was a day of service. This was something new for both of us, well certainly for me at least, I will need to check with Lillith to be sure. As we explore our D/s we are trying different facets on for size to see what fits us. Assuming that we are on the same page, even for things we… Read More »Terms of Service


I belong to you, you belong to me.

The latest #NoTrueWay prompt is the question “Who do you belong to?” You might think that because Lillith and I are in a D/s relationship that would be easy to answer, right? Obviously she belongs to me… but it isn’t that simple. She is my sub, my girlfriend, my partner and I am her Dom, her boyfriend and her partner. We belong, as much as anyone can to each other.… Read More »I belong to you, you belong to me.