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She’s got the Look

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She's got the Look

She doesn’t know she has it. But I see it. In every picture that is just for us. Every time we are together and she is feeling loving or submissive. It is unmistakable and amazing.

She doesn’t know the impact it has on me. How it makes my heart race or how it stirs my soul.

It feeds my dominance too, when she gets that look. It turns me on and fires me up. It takes all my needs and desires and focuses them to a white hot point. On her.

It is a profound experience to have someone look at you that way. Where their desire is obvious, demanding, overwhelming. It is trust in a look. It says use me sir, please Daddy, all without words. Hopefully I have a look too, something that inspires a similar reaction, if not, I will have to work on one.

The best part is that the look comes with actions. It is a promise of what will be and she delivers everything that look promises. She fits me so damn well and that it is still something that takes my breath away.

I treasure the looks I get from her, the mischievous ones, the sad one, the happy ones. All of them because they bring us closer together and show me what she feels and thinks, all without a single word.

I hope that for the rest of my life I get to see this look, over and over, because I know my life is better with it.

Yeah, she’s got the look. You can see the look I am talking about here Fans and Eyes


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