New Signs

A New Beginning


Reading Rainbow

My earliest memory is of escaping into a book. I wasn’t always the outgoing person I am today. I was a shy, introverted child. I spent most of my time… Read…

Elust 128

Photo courtesy of Rebel’s Notes ~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~ I’m pansexual but I don’t feel LGBTQ+ Blindfold Surprise Mine ~ Featured Posts by our Guest Editor (Sweetgirl’s… Read…

Show Your Work

Anyone remember math class from school? I remember it very well in spite of the fact that it was an eternity ago. I was always pretty good at math, but… Read…

A Birthday Apart

Today is a special day for someone that is new to my life. Someone unexpected. Someone that has brought me so much happiness. She loves my strangeness and my strange… Read…
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