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Clothes Make The Dom

Clothes Make The Dom

As a Dom, you will need suits, shirts, ties, smart shoes. Or sexy clothes, whips, chains, high heels.

These things aren’t cheap. Buy yourself gifts and something pretty using your sub’s resources.

After all, your sub will be happy since they are the ones that made it possible.

And enjoying the view is more than enough of a reward for them.

No True Way

I suppose there might be a few readers of this blog that don’t know how I feel about suits and “dressing up” for those people I will just say that I don’t trust anyone in a suit.

My bigger issue (and that is saying something) is the assumption that your sub will subsidize your dom’s looks and needs. Perhaps there are people that want to do that, but I don’t want that. I don’t need that. If you read any of my other posts here you already know that.

To me it has always seemed predatory to treat your sub in that way, I can only marginally wrap my head around the whole findom kink. It just seems so completely ripe for abuse and not the fun kind, the consensual kind. While a sub can be an asset to my life I hope I am an asset to their life too. Not just a financial asset, but an emotional asset too. Yes, there will be gifts that cost money for each of us. But the gifts I treasure most are the gifts of time given to me. The gifts of attention and caring.

This is d/s and if the version of d/s illustrated by the quote for this prompt is the right version of d/s, well, I guess I will have to keep on doing d/s wrong. Because in spite of the title “Clothes make the dom” the truth to me is that it doesn’t matter what the dom wears, it is who the dom is that really matters.


No True Way

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