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About Me

Hi and welcome to my newish website. I am hoping you have come to my about page because you want to know about… well, me.

Are you all seated comfortably? Then I will begin.

I am an old, cis, het, white, male dom, boomer. In other words, everything that is wrong with the world today. I should mention, to add insult to injury, that I am a Yank now living in the UK. I moved here in 2010 and married Molly (Yes, that Molly) and we had lots of adventures. Along the way I met Cara Thereon and she joined our adventures for a time.

Since everything was going along just fine, I of course had to mess that all up. While I would prefer not to share what I got wrong, I will say that the responsibility all lies with me. I let the fear of failure and change lead me to make bad choices. The result of those choices is that my relationship with Molly and Cara has come to an end.

While I mourn the loss of those relationships, in the end, it is what is best for everyone involved.

What’s Next?

I was @domsigns on Twitter and for a brief time I was @uncertainsigns and that account still exists because I don’t want to forget all the history and connections that account brought me. Now you can find me @newsigns2 an account that hopefully will represent the best of what my life was and also the life that is yet to come. I also blogged at This D/s Life, and that site will remain as a memorial to my past. But now you are here at my new site another new beginning. I have also started a new relationship with @lillith_a she is my sub and my love and she has a blog Lillith Avir and if you would like to know more about our relationship from the sub point of view then you should head over there. 

Other facts.

I am an adult friendly web developer and all around geek and IT/AV consultant.I have a Patreon and if you need tech help of any sort I am available for hire.

I am a fairly left wing semi socialist and if you are a Brexiteer or a Trumpite I would suggest that you move along. You are perfectly entitled to your opinion and I am perfectly entitled to avoid you.

I love coffee, reading, music and being a Daddy/Dom. I am a passable cook and baker. I will answer any question you have at all, but there are some questions that will get a guarded answer if I don’t know you very well. I have been burnt before by being overly trusting. 

This blog.

I plan to use this site as a way to show my thoughts and ideas about D/s as well as chronicle my future explorations. There will be topics that will put many people off including but not limited to; DDlg, watersports, Con-noncon, and 24/7 D/s. All works labeled as fiction are just that. All fictional characters are of legal age and have fully consented

I hope this answers the questions you have about me and hopefully you will stick around and see what life has in store.