Check Please

Way back when I was a baby dom at the nubile age of 50 I did a lot of research. One of the things I found was an excel BDSM spreadsheet. Exciting right? The first thing I did was google at least half of the items listed because I had no idea what they were.… Continue reading Check Please

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Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

A dominant person recognizes a submissive person……not with the eyes, but with the whole being. #NTW Lillith and I have recently returned to our respective abodes from two glorious weeks in Fromage, France. While we were there we talked about so many different things and one of them was this prompt. I may have explained… Continue reading Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

As Stubborn As A Mule

For this current #NTW the quote is Stubbornness is a bad character trait for a submissive. Which leads me to the question I ask all the time. If it is a bad trait for a submissive isn’t also a bad trait for a dominant? Wouldn’t a stubborn dom stick to his path not matter if… Continue reading As Stubborn As A Mule

An Agreement In Principle

So Lillith has been doing the 30 days of D/s for prompts for the The Blog Days of Summer and since we are together now we get to discuss what she is writing before, during and after she writes it. Today we were talking about negotiation. Our d/s contains a great deal of discussion and… Continue reading An Agreement In Principle

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Beyond Care

I don’t usually wait this long to write these posts. I did this time because I knew that Lillith and I would be together again. I wanted to write it while we were together because, well, while I do provide care while we are apart it isn’t quite the same. I have never claimed to… Continue reading Beyond Care

Feed The Fire of Love

Why do people need to promote they way they love as superior to the way other people love? That d/s is better than non kink, that polyamory is better than monogamy? Love is what matters, not the style you love. What matters is that you love fiercely and with commitment. That you love your partner(s)… Continue reading Feed The Fire of Love

The Balance of Power

My very first sexual relationship was an age gap relationship. But not in the way that most of you think. I was the young one. This relationship would be illegal today but I think it served me well as an introduction to sex. I have had five serious romantic entanglements since the tender age of… Continue reading The Balance of Power

Southbound And Down

I love going down on a woman/man, but I’d never go down on my sub People are ridiculous more often than not. They have strange notions and ideas and often confuse very different things. This is a prime example of that. While d/s does include sex it does not encompass the entirety of sex. What… Continue reading Southbound And Down

Taking Control

The course of true love never did run smooth William Shakespeare In life, love and d/s there are always hiccups. Not every thing can go to plan every single time. In other words, if you think you know what is going on , that is the moment right before you screw it up. Let me… Continue reading Taking Control

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Take It To The Limit

The difference between a submissive and slave are limits.Slaves don’t have limits. Unlike all the other No True Way posts where I always say that YMMV and that YKINMYBYKIOK I won’t be doing that with this prompt. Here is my take. There are always limits, always. There should be limits or what we call d/s… Continue reading Take It To The Limit