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Such A Dirty Girl

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Such A Dirty Girl

Hygiene and grooming are important – your Dom wants you clean and pretty

No True Way

Hygiene is important. for everyone, not just the sub. While I do like her to be clean, because it is so much fun to make her dirty, but that has nothing to do with pretty. Dirty can be pretty and beautiful and sexy in a way that clean can never be.

Like all absolutisms this one gets it wrong in my opinion. It conflates things that are not related I.E. cleanliness and pretty and links them as somehow related. It also assumes that what I want is the same as what the original poster wants.

Here is how I want it to be. Sometimes I want my sub to be clean so that I can make her dirty. I want to smear her lipstick and make her mascara run until I cover her face with my cum so that I can see what a good little whore she is. She is pretty when I start and a very different kind of pretty when I finish.

Other times I want her to be dirty, and used, and degraded so that I can tend to her, and bathe her, and care for her. To show her just how much I care for her. The notion that she is only pretty when clean is a narrow point of view and one that I do not hold.

The timing of this prompt is helpful. I have been pondering the nature of my dominance and whether I hold back too much on the part of me that wants to be strict and to err on the part of me that wants to be nurturing and caring. What this prompt has helped me to remember is that I can do both and that being strict is nurturing and caring, when it is something we both need.

Going forward I will enjoy how she is such a dirty girl for me. And I am such a dirty dom and that makes us happy, and pretty πŸ˜‰


No True Way

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