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An Idea Isn’t Responsible For The People Who Believe In It.

An Idea Isn't Responsible For The People Who Believe In It.

We are responsible for:

– keeping our home clean

– cooking meals

– running errands

– remembering all of our dominants likes and dislikes

– anticipating their needs

– doing every task they give us without being reminded

– and a million other things

No True Way

An idea isn’t responsible for the people who believe in it. ~ Don Marquis

People have many ideas, some good, some bad, but the issue isn’t with the idea. The issue is what people do with those ideas. Like the idea in the No True Way prompt.

D/s is so many different thing to so many people and some people want their d/s to look like the #NTW quote. A version of the 1950’s ideal American household. A kinkier version of “Father Knows Best” And I am sure that there are people who live there d/s in this way.

Sadly, the expectation is that everyone needs to do it that way. Now I could write what I have written so many times before, that our d/s doesn’t work that way. But I can only find so many different ways to say that.

In the example above I would say that all of those thing apply to me too. Well, maybe I might have to substitute submissive for dominant in one example. To be honest I am happy that all of those things apply to me too. I want a partner in all the things that I do. I want everyone involved to be responsible for the things we need to do in life and that includes our happiness.

The world is full of ideas and it is only what you do with those ideas that matters, make good choices for you.


No True Way

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