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Spirit Itself Is Abstract And Ideal

Spirit Itself Is Abstract And Ideal

The spirit of an age may be best expressed in the abstract ideal arts, for the spirit itself is abstract and ideal.

Oscar Wilde
Sinful Sunday

4 thoughts on “Spirit Itself Is Abstract And Ideal”

    Molly says:

    This quote is PERFECT to go with this shot. I am really glad we decided to give this a go. I think it came out brilliantly


    I love the ethereal nature of this image. The neon feel to the blue green lights too. It gives it feeling of longing too.
    Missy x

    Ooh this is a fun image … makes me think of locking someone out in the garden. Naked of course !!!
    Xxx – K

    Bee says:

    I love the tones in this, the greens and blues really give this a ghostly feel.

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