Assume the Position

Every submissive should know their positions, so they can please their Master when needed. Here in Castle Signs I make sure every sub that I consider owning goes through an intensive training course to be sure that they will always please me. The most important of the many training session is the position training. That… Continue reading Assume the Position

Mean Day™ 11/5/21

Hi my little slut. Welcome to another Mean Day™. As I always I try to be a creative as I can in giving you your instructions for Mean Day™ and I decided my blog was a way to share that I haven’t used yet. So here are the rules. All usual rules apply. Asking permission… Continue reading Mean Day™ 11/5/21

Switch Hitter

A switch is not a real dom/sub No one is just one thing. I mean, some people are, but I don’t think that is very healthy. We all live on a spectrum. Our sexuality, our spirituality, our politics and our gender. We are a sum of all that we are. My being dom doesn’t represent… Continue reading Switch Hitter

Don’t Ask Why

Submission appeals to responsible, hard working and independent women, because it takes them to a world free from those pressures. Why does it only have to be one way? Of course the statement above can be true. For. Some. People. I know people are more comfortable when then can label and categorize but why do… Continue reading Don’t Ask Why

A Submissive Knows

Time for another #NTW post, and as usual it is a fun one: A submissive knows that they should learn to control their tongue when annoyed with their dominant. Communication eh? But only when it is words the dom wants to hear. Why should the dom concern themselves about how their sub is feeling, am… Continue reading A Submissive Knows

Hold Please

A Dom doesn’t need to ever use the wordPLEASE This is the prompt for the current No True Way. Of course a dom doesn’t need to say please, or thank you, or you’re welcome. A dom doesn’t need to be polite to anyone ever, and certainly not to their sub. A dom is the master… Continue reading Hold Please