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15 Minutes Is But A Fraction

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15 Minutes Is But A Fraction

15 minutes a day huh? That seems far too little. Not for her to “meditate” on her submission, but for me to meditate on my dominance.

Maybe I am an overthinker. But if I don’t think about how I can be a better dom for at least an hour a day minimum it is because I am astonishingly busy, or sleeping.

I also spend just as much time thinking about how I could be a better partner, lover, nesting partner, step father, father and hell, even a better pet owner.

My mind, no matter what else I am doing is constantly filled with so many thoughts of those that are in my life. That is just how I have always been.

All of this thinking doesn’t stop me from doing things. It is all fodder for doing things. It fills me with motivation to try to actually be better and not just dream about it.

Take this post example. The bulk of what I am writing now came while I was playing with Hudson in the garden which consisted of running in circles chasing him until I got dizzy and had to sit down. Once I did I started writing this post on my phone.

Lillith and I are going to be together for a brief time in May and the notion of something that we are going to do while we are together came to me while I was running back to get chocolate chips for some baking that I am going to do for Molly to make the blondies she likes.

That is just how the chaos in my mind works. I think about the people I care about while I shop, and work, and play and breathe. The next step is always how to do the things I have thought. To make all of our lives, and time together as wonderful as it can be .

And when I get something wrong (because I always do)I think of something else to try.

So 15 minutes isn’t even a fraction of the time I put into thinking about my dominance and love and life. Not by a long shot.


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