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My Lessons in Love, Sex, And Romance

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My Lessons in Love, Sex, And Romance

Please be aware that this post is just my point of view and given my record is probably best ignored.

  1. Attention:
    Pay attention to detail, detail is always the key. In all things, the people who you are with should always know that they are important. You should know what they like, what they care about and you should expect the same in return. Paying attention and having attention paid to you should be the center of everything. People often take each other for granted over time. Peoples attention can drift and wander and that leads to boredom and complacency and if your attention drifts, so will theirs.
  2. Listen:
    And I mean really listen, not just to what is said, but how it is said. That is just the beginning, you also need to listen to what is not said, after all not all communication uses words. Don’t plan your rebuttal to what you hear, just, fucking, listen. If you don’t then you will never be heard yourself.
  3. Forgive:
    Easily and often. We all make mistakes and yes, intent matters. I don’t mean that you forgive cruel abuse no matter if it is physical or emotional that is never a good plan. I mean that if you know each other and trust each other then it might be worth sticking with someone and forgiving them even when you know they are wrong. Forgive as you wish to be forgiven.
  4. Laugh:
    As often as possible. Especially during sex. Find fun and joy where there is none. There will be hard times and joy and love and laughter will get you through when it seems that there is no way. Share your happiness every single day.
  5. Learn:
    No matter how long you live there is always more to learn. The future holds changes that you can only guess at. Learning will help you navigate the road ahead of you. Learn from your partner(s) as they learn from you.

These are My Lessons in Love, Sex, And Romance


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