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Self Image, Photography and Me.

Self Image, Photography and Me.

I don’t often participate in Sinful Sunday. I rarely take photographs of myself. I rarely let others take photographs of me. I just don’t like how I look. I know that I am supposed too, but it is a skill I am particularly bad at. Even if I am good at telling others how good they look.

Molly asked if I wanted her to take a picture for Sinful Sunday this week and I demurred. Not because she doesn’t take amazing picture, she totally does, but I can’t control the pictures if she is taking them. So I took this one myself. And while it isn’t a great shot it is a shot where you don’t see what I don’t want you to see. So you get my nuts for the N prompt.

Hopefully, someday, I will accept my body for just what it is, and embrace my self image, photography and me. Hopefully.


2 thoughts on “Self Image, Photography and Me.”

    I wish I had words to help with this. All the things you have said to me over the years, how can they not be true for you too.

    I love you


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