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Never go into the basement

“It sure does get dark early this time of year” Lilli thought as she arrived home from work. There was no one to greet her unless you count her goldfish. As she stepped through the front door she flicked the switch just inside to turn the lights on. The dark remained.She flipped the switch a few more times times and still no illumination. Lilli sighed and headed toward the fuse box. “Why is the fuse box always in the basement? This is how every horror movie starts” Lilli muttered.

The house was old and the door creaked as it opened adding to her sense of unease. “Don’t be a ninny, she told herself as she descended the worn and uneven stairs using the light from her phone so she didn’t fall and break her neck.
As basement often are this was cluttered with detritus from all of the past owners of this house. Broken children’s toys. Ancient luggage and completely unrecognizable objects covered with dusty sheets. Lilli had always meant to hire someone to come in and clear it all out but like many other things in life she just hadn’t gotten around to it.

As she made her way across the basement floor to where the fuse box was mounted her phone screen began to dim. “Great” Lilli thought. “Just perfect, in a dark basement with my phone dying. I am going to be front page news when they find my body” She giggled nervously. Just then her phone went completely dark. Now she was really starting to get scared. She couldn’t even see her hand in front of her face.

In the corner of the basement a green glow started to illuminate the darkness. Lilli watched with growing fear as one of the cloth draped objects began to elevate and with every inch it moved closer getting brighter and brighter until she couldn’t look directly at it. All Lilli could think was that she should run but her body wouldn’t respond. She was frozen in place. The brightness filled her eyes and eventually her mind.

Suddenly she found herself in a candlelit ballroom. Music filled the air and made her gasp. There were many couples dancing and many were partially or even fully naked. Everywhere she looked were cocks and tits and cunts. As she stared the music stopped and the couples moved to sofas that lined the walls around the dance floor. Her eyes widened as she saw that all the other dancers were fondling each other, hands stroking hard cocks and wet pussies.

But all eyes were on her and she started to blush and that only became worse when she noticed that she was naked too, and her body was reacting to what her audience was doing. Her cunt started to moisten and her nipples grow hard. She felt inspected, judged. Suddenly the double doors at the end of the ballroom swung open and the Lord of the manor strode into the room. Lilli turned to see the masked man in a long black cape with silver embroidery, a red shirt and black trousers. But what stood out most was his erect cock jutting out and bobbing up and down as he moved towards her. “My fellow spirits” He said in a loud clear voice. “Tonight is the night of our revels, where we get to taste the joys of the flesh. Long have we waited for a living soul to join us and allow our lusts to be sated.” The assembled crowd roared their approval. Lilli stood stunned, as he approached her.

“Are you ready to be the bride of the dance?” He asked Lilli. Her cunt was drooling at the sight of him and the lusty activities taking place all around her. “What the hell” Lilli thought, this is probably just a dream. I most likely tripped on something in the basement and banged my head. She nodded and he closed the last few step to her and gathered her up in his arms. He kissed her hard and slid one hand down the length of her body to part the wet lips of her cunt. Lilli moaned and pressed herself into the fingers that were filling her up. As a group all of the watching spirits moved to join Lilli and their Lord in an orgy of gluttonous depravity. Lilli didn’t know how many men and women had her. She was too lost in her repeated orgasms to even know. She did know that no part of her body was off limits and she was filled over and over with cocks and tongues and fingers. Finally while she was being used by five men at once as the rest of the group watched she had one final glorious orgasm. As she did the bright light she had seen in her basement started to fill the room and then Lilli found herself lying on the floor, sweaty and disheveled with all the lights burning brightly. She lay there for a moment and wondered if it was all a dream. But as she went to get up she noticed that she was naked, and covered in come.

Lilli smiled.

Masturbation Monday

6 thoughts on “Never go into the basement”

    I’ve spent two days cleaning my basement and alas, no ghostly ball! I wish I’d had this story in my head as I was cleaning. Maybe I should have been naked?

    I love the spaces underneath houses. Quiet, almost reflective, sometimes abandoned. They seem like the kind of place where impossible things could really happen – ghostly orgies included.

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