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Totally Clueless

totally clueless
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By taking the role of a true submissive, you decide to allow your dom to make all the decisions. So, no — you shouldn’t have an opinion, suggestion, idea, or anything.


There are few things in this world better than an empty canvass for a dom. A Tabula Rasa, an empty book that can be written just to please you. To mold and form to meet your every need and if that need changes, why you just reform them into what you want them to be.

You sub can just kneel in the corner waiting to serve your whims, to anticipate your every need with absolutely no thought to what they might want. I mean ideally they should have no thoughts of their own at all, just what you have filled them up with.

That is just how all of my true submissives have been. You will notice I said “true” because if you aren’t just like I have described you are not really a submissive, you are just faking it and you will shortly be found out and replaced by the perfect fembot.

Honestly I have never before channeled conservative thought so perfectly as I have in the preceding paragraphs. That is honestly what they want all women to be (except for those conservative men that secretly want to be dominated) compliant, opinion free, totally clueless except for what their dom needs.

The thought of treating someone I care about like that (outside of a negotiated kink moment) makes me feel ill. As I have said over and over in these No True Way posts, this isn’t my way. To be honest though, while I often say that this only applies to me, in this case, I would say that any dom that espoused this point of view might be waving a big red flag that should be noticed by every one and given a wide berth.

But that is me. I like my women smart, and feisty, and opinionated, and smart ass-y. Even though that means my life can be a lot more complicated, to me it is worth the effort. I would hate someone who was totally clueless.


No True Way

1 thought on “Totally Clueless”

    “I like my women smart, and feisty, and opinionated, and smart ass-y” oh but I am a… actually it is so easy to say you are not these things because women are still taught to be compliant and ‘good’ whatever that means but actually yes, I am smart and fiesty etc and I am happy to be those things.


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