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The place between Heaven and Hell for those that believe such things. I am not a believer, but I am currently inhabiting limbo.

Lillith and I have just spent 10 glorious days together and I am now at the airport waiting for my flight.

I could regale you with all of the wonderful things we did together and I am sure that over the coming months i will. We did so much and at the same time did so little. We mostly learned more about each other.

I could also write about how hard it is to part and how much I miss her already, but i am sure many of you have those same feelings.

Instead I am going to write about living between worlds. The disconnect between local life and our brief times together.

As local life goes, in spite of the oddness of it, it is pretty good. I live with the woman who has been my partner for the last decade and I know that she cares about me and only wants the best for me.

I want the same for her and I try my best to make each day bearable for her. The is Hudson the dog and Rita the cat and the routines of daily life. Sure we both have our wobbles, but so far we have been able to move past them.

But for the both of us life is lived in limbo, neither of us exactly where we want to be. Living a version of our lives that is kind of a holding pattern.

We work and live in the same space and do many things together like walking Hudson or shopping and that is an odd place for both of us to be. As our people are not here with as we wish we each do what we can to be supportive.

Lillith and I have our own special limbo too. We message when we can and talk when we can. But both of us lead busy lives and frankly the times that we are together are when we can completely be there for each other.

And so now we are each heading our own ways, she to her local life and me to mine. We are always connected even when we are not sharing the same space, but I know we are both in limbo until that unknown future when we are sure we will be reunited appears.

I love you my little slut.


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