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Beyond Question

Beyond Question

A submissive shouldn’t question a Dominant’s orders. It’s not a submissive’s position to know what a dominant’s reasons are. A submissive shouldn’t question a Dominant’s orders.

They should just do it and trust the dominant with that decision.

Once upon a time I had young children and I taught them to question everything. That is a skill that all people need in life, not just in d/s, but especially in d/s.

D/s requires questions from everyone involved. It requires discussion and agreement and mutual respect. Nothing less will do. So the notion that when you submit to a dom you give up any right to question is absurd. I would be seriously disappointed if Lillith never questioned anything I asked of her.

I need to trust that she will be checking my actions, because we are partners in our d/s. It might appear to be a dictatorship to others but it is not. It is a democracy and that is how I need it to be. I have written over and over that we are in this together and if I thought, for even one second, that I was suppressing her right to question I would be deeply ashamed.

She is a person, not an object, no matter how much she might enjoy objectification in our kink moments. Taking away that independence would be more inhumane than any humiliation that we might enjoy together.

I am sure this point of view surprises no one that read this blog with any regularity but if it does and you disagree I would really like to hear your point of view. I love my strong questioning girlfriend and I want her to keep on being the smartass, brilliant woman she is.

Life, all life, is about asking questions, not about knowing the answers.

And that, is beyond question.


No True Way

1 thought on “Beyond Question”

    Not that it should cone as a surprise to you, but I agree. Without questions d/s would be hard. Relationships would be hard and life itself would be hard.

    Thank you

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