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Freedom is just another word for nothing left to Lose

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This prompt will no doubt inspire many thoughts about what freedom is and what it means to them. And whether it can be taken away or not.

For me freedom is an illusion. We are not truly free, we cannot do whatever we want regardless of the impact on other people. Otherwise society couldn’t function as we would all be acting solely based on our own self interest.

The same is true in D/s. No matter what two people consent to you can not give away all of your freedom to someone who only considers their own desires, no matter how much the thought of something like that turns you on in fantasies.

Unmoderated freedom will lead to harm and permanent harm. A sub is not some object who exists as a place for you to express any desire you have without considering their wellbeing.

Not only would you harm them but you will harm yourself in ways that will have far reaching effects. I will paraphrase a quote “Freedom corrupts. Absolute freedom corrupts absolutely”

The rabbit hole of being free without accepting the consequences of what that freedom means that the life you lead is self centered and frankly selfish. This is evident in the rise of communities like incels and meninists and any group that puts their freedoms over those of other people.

Both Lillith and I have freedom in D/s, the freedom to say yes, and the freedom to say no. We each get to choose what we want to explore and how we want to explore it. What neither of us ever give up is that we get to choose. So long as what we do does not impinge on other people’s freedom.

What we do is freedom to us.

“Raise a glass to freedom, Something they can never take away.”

~ Lin-Manuel Miranda (“The Story of Tonight” from “Hamilton”)


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