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Dance on a Volcano

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Things have been building up lately, for the both of us I think. It has been a while since we have been together. It is becoming intense. I often see the sub side of Twitter talking about how much they need to submit. Much less frequently do I see the other side of the slash talking about what they need.

With things as they are right now I don’t know when we will get to be together again, I know that it will be months at least. That is too long. Just be aware the rest of this post is going to talk about what I need and it will probably be pretty graphic so you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

We “talk” every day and a lot of that is just conversation, life, politics, religion and silliness. But some of it is sexual, and being who we are it caters to our kinks. Just a few nights ago we had a very intense phone call that brings me to this post.

As the d in d/s I need to always be in control. To keep her safety foremost in my mind and I do that. But lately the reality is that right now I like the volcano pictured about. Magma boiling just below the surface ready to erupt in a explosion of lust and passion.

I want to use her. To work my will and desires on her body and her mind. To choke her while I bury my cock in her and growl all the filth and depravity that is churning inside me. I want to use her in ways that will make us blush afterwards. I want to make her lose herself in her submission and lose myself in her and my needs. To drive all thought and doubt completely away. To humiliate and degrade her just as she longs for and we both need.

I could be more explicit about the things we will do together, but when I have written these desires openly before people got grumpy, so you will just have to take the dirtiest thoughts you can think and know that they don’t even come close.

We have spent a year learning the things she need and wants and what I need as well. We need to do these things together so that we can each dive deep into each other and see what we are like on the other side.

We will, together, unleash all we can imagine, and more and we will be stronger for it.

She and I will dance on a volcano, not caring if we get burned.

I can’t wait, to make her my little slut, my cunt, my whore. my bitch, my everything


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