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I was @domsigns on Twitter and for a brief time I was @uncertainsigns and that account still exists because I don’t want to forget all the history and connections that account brought me.

Piss and vinegar

Full of Piss and Vinegar

This is your one chance to look away. I recently wrote a guest post for Joanne’s Reviews about this and maybe you should go and read that first. She went into the worlds oddest bathroom to have a shower. I say it was odd because strangely in this tiny AirBnB the toilet was in a room just off the kitchen and the shower/mini bath and sink were in another room… Read More »Full of Piss and Vinegar

A Feast of Love

A Feast of Love

Most people know that I love to cook. It brings me great joy. Not just in the act of creating a meal, but it how it is received by the people who consume it. There is a peace and calmness that comes with making a meal. The steps and the and timing of getting it all done so that everything is ready at once makes me focus and in a… Read More »A Feast of Love

The Loop

The Loop

It had been a brilliant 3 days, full of love, laughter and really filthy sex. I was so very happy that we had this time to spend together. But the time was growing short and soon we would both be on our way back to our respective countries and LDR. We hadn’t really seen much of the city, our attention had naturally been on all those things that we had… Read More »The Loop

We belong in Paris

You belong to me, I belong to you and we belong in Paris

The title is true, mostly, the first part is absolutely true and while we do belong in Paris, it really could be any city in any country, anywhere in the world. Because the place doesn’t matter. Only one thing matters and that is that we are together. This will be our second time together and if the first was any indication I expect it will be just like that, only… Read More »You belong to me, I belong to you and we belong in Paris

a girl in cuffs and fishnets for consent

Porn, Consent and BDSM

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So the flames of porn wars are being stoked again. And of course BDSM is called into question. A recent article in The Metro (that link prevents them from getting any SEO juice) is warning all of us again about the horrors of porn and more specifically about Pornhub. Now don’t get me wrong, Tube sites suck. They have created a monopoly on porn and have made it hard to… Read More »Porn, Consent and BDSM

Something more, than a house of cards.

A House of Cards

I have been thinking about co dependency a lot. I read up on the many many books and articles about what it is, how to break free from it and how bad it is for you. The thing is, I am not sure I agree with that completely. Yes, it can be bad and controlling and destroy lives in many cases. But it has become to be cast in a… Read More »A House of Cards

Time after time

There are many things that there is always more of. Money, food, work. But there is one thing that there will never be more of. Time Time is precious, we each have a finite supply and we don’t know how long we have. To be honest in my youth I never thought I would make it for as long as I have. But here I am, with more of my… Read More »Time after time

Kneeling woman for Like is Simile

Like is a Simile

I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you like I love youLike I hate youLike I want to hurt youLike you were made to be fuckedLike yours is the last cunt I will ever fuck As you were made to be fucked until we are both sore and sated I want to use you. Like a toy Like a plaything Like my own fuckdollLike a hole to use… Read More »Like is a Simile

A Black Heart

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Most of us have learned that love is pain. By a certain age most of us have had a few relationships fail. That pain of your first heartbreak, that endures. The passage of time doesn’t make it any better. Every time your heart is broken you get to feel that pain again, each successive loss of love piles on top of the previous one. Ad infinitum. Eventually you start to… Read More »A Black Heart