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Full of Piss and Vinegar

This is your one chance to look away.

I recently wrote a guest post for Joanne’s Reviews about this and maybe you should go and read that first.

She went into the worlds oddest bathroom to have a shower. I say it was odd because strangely in this tiny AirBnB the toilet was in a room just off the kitchen and the shower/mini bath and sink were in another room just off of the bedroom. I wish I had thought to take a picture of the mini bathtub because while I know some very tiny people, I don’t know any that could have taken a bath in that tub.

I had set certain rules for this trip. One set was that for the whole trip she was to only call me Daddy no matter where we were or what we were doing. She was only called whore. The other rule was that on her or in her would be the only place I would pee.

So when she went to shower I followed her into the bathroom and had her kneel in the tub. Since we had just gotten out of bed I was naked. I told her to open her mouth and not only did she follow my instruction but she looked up at me with those eyes, I see this look when her submission consumes her. It is compelling, it is when I know that she is not only ready, but willing. and eager. That look drives me wild and makes me hard. That doesn’t help. It takes a special state of mind to balance getting hard with what I am about to do.

I move towards the edge of the tub keeping my eyes fixed on hers. She bends forward, greedy to take me in her mouth. I start to stiffen. I want this just as much as she does but if I let my desire grow too much it simply won’t happen. I concentrate, as if I were simply performing a task that I do every morning. But even that thought is exciting. That I am just using her in this way. That she is just a receptacle for whatever I give her.

But I manage to keep my erection at bay enough. It starts as a trickle but as I relax, it becomes a torrent. It fills her mouth faster than she can swallow and she spits and gasps for breath and yet… and yet… that look in her eyes only grows. This is my first piss of the day, so there is a lot and I regain control and learn to squeeze my muscles just right to slow things down. To start and stop, to allow her to keep up. Until I get to where I know I am almost done and I relax and just let the last of it flow. You know what that is like, that feeling of pleasure as you finish having a piss. Now imagine that in a warm wet mouth, not just accepting it, but sucking and licking to get every last drop. The sensation both physically and emotionally is indescribable.

I helped her to her feet and she gazed at me with such pride, well earned pride too. I kissed her and told her how proud I was of my good girl and let her shower.

I don’t think either of us stopped smiling for some time. For the rest of our time together this scene played out again and again. We talked about it, why it worked for us and how much we enjoyed it. We also talked about other things we wanted to try that we had shared videos of before.

I will save those details for another post



4 thoughts on “Full of Piss and Vinegar”

    Hot damn! This is one of those kinks that really appeal but I’ve yet to do, one day thought perhaps, tales like this for sure keep it on my to-do list!

    Wow – I have participated once and that was a guy pissing on my body – not sure I could cope in my mouth. After he asked me to piss on him and it just wouldn’t come out…

    Pissing in front of an audience is hard, pissing when an erection is building – also difficult. What your describe is not my kink but you have conveyed a lot of what made it so hot for you and your sub, so kudos for that. Water sports – such an innocent name for this kink! Thanks for sharing.

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