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I was @domsigns on Twitter and for a brief time I was @uncertainsigns and that account still exists because I don’t want to forget all the history and connections that account brought me.

The power of no

The Power of No

This is a long and probably disjointed post about the power of no. We were having a conversation the other day, I don’t even remember what silly thing I was talking about, I am sure she does(I went back and looked and it was about adding to the number of pushups she has to do), but what was important about this conversation was that she said “No”. I told her… Read More »The Power of No

The Hunt

I know this picture isn’t the usual Sinful Sunday sexy fare, I mean how could anything be sexier than a pile of sausages on an old man after all? But this picture is a clue for someone who doesn’t often get anything for Easter and since it will be her Birthday soon and we are in isolation I thought that maybe a little Easter gift might make the day a… Read More »The Hunt

Windmills for Honor Bound

Honor Bound

I missed the kink of the week prompt for this. I did try, I started writing a story that I though might just squeak in both in timing and in content. But work and the world got in the way and I didn’t finish the story. I will because I think it is a good one but I will take my time with it. But in a way I am… Read More »Honor Bound


Reading Rainbow

My earliest memory is of escaping into a book. I wasn’t always the outgoing person I am today. I was a shy, introverted child. I spent most of my time alone. Well, not really alone. I had my books and the worlds inside the pages and the characters that populated those worlds. The happiest day of my young life was when I was old enough for a library card all… Read More »Reading Rainbow


Elust 128

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Photo courtesy of Rebel’s Notes ~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~ I’m pansexual but I don’t feel LGBTQ+ Blindfold Surprise Mine ~ Featured Posts by our Guest Editor (Sweetgirl’s Picks) ~ Lola in fishnets I have selected this piece for two reasons; first of all I enjoyed it! I was captivated by the story and relationship between the characters from the start. She set the scene beautifully and I… Read More »Elust 128

Show Your Work

Show Your Work

Anyone remember math class from school? I remember it very well in spite of the fact that it was an eternity ago. I was always pretty good at math, but my handwriting was so terrible that my homework and tests often got poor grades because of it. The one thing that came to my mind when I saw the prompt for Wicked Wednesday was perseverance was the one good thing… Read More »Show Your Work

A Birthday apart

A Birthday Apart

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Today is a special day for someone that is new to my life. Someone unexpected. Someone that has brought me so much happiness. She loves my strangeness and my strange life. She even seems to love me for those things. So I find myself here in a new place. A place of hope even as the rest of the world falls apart. When just a few months ago I thought… Read More »A Birthday Apart