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Cross Examination

Speculume for Cross Examination

Doctor Zhivago checked that all was in readiness for his next client. He had received extensive notes on this case and had made many preparations. “Nurse!” he called. “Bring her in.” The nurse led the naked redhead into the exam room using a leash attached to a collar around her neck. “She has had all of her holes thoroughly cleaned and is ready for your inspection.” The nurse said as she handed the leash to the Doctor. “Thank you” Said Dr Z “Please help me attach her to the examination chair.” The girl was moved to the chair and guided to sit down, her legs spread and placed in the stirrups and restrained with leather straps to keep her motionless. The rest of the straps were fastened. One across her torso, two more to hold her arms down to the padded leather that kept them at a 45 degree angle to her body, and finally two chains that were linked to her collar.

Dr. Z picked up his clipboard and moved to the girl’s side. “Before we begin our inspection you need to consent to what is about to happen. You will answer every question with a yes Sir or a no Sir, do you understand?” the girl on the chair nodded. Dr. Z frowned. “That was not what was just explained to you, nurse, apply the violet wand to each of her nipples.” The nurse moved the purple glowing wand and hovered it over the helpless girl’s left nipple. A spark jumped across the gap to her tender flesh and she jumped and moaned. The application of the wand was repeated on her right nipple and her moans grew louder. The Dr. spoke while this was happening. “Each time you fail to answer properly you will receive several shocks, in increasing intensity and visiting other tender areas of your body, do you understand?” “Yes Sir” the girl whimpered. The Dr. gave her a stern look and said “We shall see, now you are here to be inspected and prepared for your submission ceremony, is that correct?” “Yes Sir” she responded. The Dr. nodded “Much better little slut, now you don’t have to answer until I finish the rules of what is about to happen unless you do not want to continue. A simple no Sir and everything will stop and you will be dressed and sent on your way.” Referring to the clipboard he continued. “You are here to commit to your Sir as his slut and property, to be used as he wishes. The two of you have negotiated this and you are here to show that you are worthy to offer your submission to him until it is decided that you wish to be released from service. Until the commitment ceremony is finished you are to be available to anyone here that wants to use you once your inspection is done. Once you affirm of your own free will that this is what you desire the only thing that will stop what is about happen is the words no Sir and it will all end. From now on you will be known as Daddy’s little slut and if asked who you are that will be your only answer.
Do you consent to all that you have heard?”

“Yes Sir” Daddy’s little slut answered. “I am ready to be owned by Daddy and used however he wishes”
“Good girl” said the Dr. “Now we may begin, nurse you may assist me. Fetch the first group.” The nurse left the room while the Dr. put on his nitrile gloves and covered them with lube. As he moved between her legs the nurse returned with five men and they clustered around the chair. The nurse moved to the first man and unzipped his pants and dropping to her knees began to suck his already stiff cock. The Dr. parted Daddy’s little slut’s folds with one hand and slide two fingers of his hand into her cunt. “Well gentleman, it seems I didn’t need to use any lube after all, her cunt is drenched already. She is a willing slut. Look at how her pussy squeeze my fingers and tries to suck them back in?” Then men in the room murmured appreciatively as the nurse moved from man to man sucking and stroking each one in turn. The ones she moved away from started to stroke their cocks in anticipation. As they did the girl’s eyes moved from man to man and pausing to watch the nurse sucking each one. She tried to thrust her hips to make the gloved fingers inside her fuck her harder. The Dr. chuckled and moved his fingers in and out at a pace that kept her just on the edge of orgasm.

Daddy’s little slut moaned in frustration as the Dr. removed his fingers from her clenching cunt. He took a wet, lubed finger and slid it down to her tight little ass and slowly pushed it inside as his other hand rubbing her clit and she tried to struggle. Her eyes widened as his finger penetrated her bottom. His thrusts into started to speed up and she relaxed and once again she tried to thrust back against him and was frustrated that she still couldn’t move. Again as she neared orgasm he stopped and picked up the speculum and placed it into her pussy. And started to lever it open. “Come gentlemen an see the what you will soon be enjoying.” The men gathered around commenting on what a pretty cunt and ass she has and how good it would feel to fuck. Peering inside her as she lay exposed to their gaze. The words “whore, slut, and dirty little slut” rang in her ears and only served to excite her further.

“I have determined that she is ready for use. You may use whatever holes you like, but with one restriction, you may not cum in her, only on her, her Daddy wants her to commit to him covered in cum.” The Dr. stepped aside removing the speculum and motioned the nurse over to him. She released the cock she was sucking and crossed to room to him. He lifted her skirt and bent her forward with her hand on the wall to hold her self up and shoved his cock into the nurse’s ready cunt. The men as one closed in on the girl and started to touch her, rub her clit and twist her nipples until one pushed himself into her cunt, that set the others off as another started to use her mouth and hands as well. The room was filled with the sound of grunts and moans all the while she was called every dirty name that the men could think of.

The Dr was the first to be ready to cum and he pulled his cock from the nurse’s cunt and sprayed his hot cum all over her tits and that set all the rest of them off and one after the other they covered her body as she moaned.

When the last of them had emptied their sperm onto her they filed out of the room and the Dr turned to Daddy’s little slut and smiled, as he and the nurse released her from the exam chair the Dr. said. “you have passed your examination with flying colors and are now ready to commit to your Daddy.” Daddy’s little slut smiled back and through tears of joy thanked the Dr. as the nurse ushered her through the door and out to the next stage in her life.

To be continued in “The Ceremony”


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4 thoughts on “Cross Examination”

    This was very erotic, particularly the restraint and the strict authority figure requiring complete obedience. I like the dynamic of the nurse as the third. Looking forward to reading about the ceremony.

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