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I was @domsigns on Twitter and for a brief time I was @uncertainsigns and that account still exists because I don’t want to forget all the history and connections that account brought me.

5 Women

There and Back Again

Kink in Real Life and Real Life in Kink I was recently asked about which aspects of your kinks you show in public and what the transition is like when you are in a kink friendly environment.

It's Magic

It’s Magic

We live surrounded by magic. I don’t mean the Abracadabra kind of magic, I mean the everyday kind that makes itself known in the mundanity of everyday life. Those things that move your heart and bring you joy. A good cup of coffee or tea (If tea is your cup of tea) a cigarette, a rainbow, or a thunderstorm. Those things that happen each and everyday that we take for… Read More »It’s Magic

A Dom in Love

A Dom in Love

And I am sure there are many who will wonder “Already?” I know that it could be seen like that. Now in spite of the fact that I am very old I haven’t been in love many times, that being said I tend to fall hard and fast when it does happen. Like every other time it was something that I found while I wasn’t looking for it. My plan… Read More »A Dom in Love

Five Women

The Five Women of my Decade

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So as the decade draws to a close I have been giving a great deal of thought to that time and what has happened over those years. Most of the positive role models in my life have been women. Mostly (please note that the word is mostly and not all)what I have learned from men is how not to behave, useful lesson but there are still a few of those… Read More »The Five Women of my Decade

Sense and Synchronicity

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And Serendipity.. Two of the three things in the title I have had in my life in abundance, the one missing? Well that would be sense. Synchronicity and serendipity seem to occur to me all of the time. Most of my careers and relationships have been a direct result of a confluence of these two things. And yet again after a pretty horrific year it has happened once again. Late… Read More »Sense and Synchronicity

Image of a couple at the train station forAlways with me

You are always with me

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Those were the last words she said to me tonight as she went to sleep. And she is right, just as she is always with me. That doesn’t make LDR any easier and truth be told I was certain before I met her that I would never do another LDR again. But here we are. The thing is that we are pretty amazing together. We can talk for hours on… Read More »You are always with me

Silos for Mann

The Grey Mann

“If only there were a better way” He thought to himself as he pulled the supple leather gloves over his hands. “So many of them don’t work out, you never know how they will take to it, no matter how long you watch” He whistled to himself as he gathered the needed supplies and put them in the van. Once he had need a checklist to make sure nothing was… Read More »The Grey Mann

The Gift

I woke to find myself alone in bed. She wasn’t there beside me. But there was a note on her pillow and a hot cup of coffee on the nightstand beside the bed. I took a sip of the steaming coffee, she had made it just the way I liked it. I smiled and pick up the note. “Dear Sir, I hope you slept well and that the coffee is… Read More »The Gift

Another Goodbye

Another day and another goodbye, the end of one thing, the end of a year and the beginning of something new and wonderful. I am sure you are all going to get very tired of my voice 🙂 Michael

Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire

I posed a question last night about the use of the word play for a kink moment in D/s and asked if anyone had a better word. The responses I got were mostly what is wrong with the word play? In the audio I attempt (poorly) to talk about why I don’t like the word play and then wander off into other things.