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A Feast of Love

Most people know that I love to cook. It brings me great joy. Not just in the act of creating a meal, but it how it is received by the people who consume it.

There is a peace and calmness that comes with making a meal. The steps and the and timing of getting it all done so that everything is ready at once makes me focus and in a lot of ways it feels like Dom space, of being totally aware of the moment you are in. To many it seems like a stressful situation and in a way it is. Mistakes in any part of the process can rarely be fixed and you just have to move on with the next thing.

That is why I have always loved having Thanksgiving dinner here in the UK. I get to experience Brits trying some of the things that make Murrican cooking delicious. Not to mention that I am doing this for people that I care about. Sharing the sensual delights of one of the great pleasure of life. There are those for whom food is just food, but I am not one of those people. Even the simplest of dishes should bring joy when you take that first bite, and the last bite should bring a pang of regret and the thought, “I could eat that all over again”

Molly and Cara have always known and shown the part of cooking that brings me the most joy. The noises of happiness they make when they taste what I have made. My friend Karen who I haven’t seen in forever used to make the most orgasmic noises when I made American style pudding. How could you not love that?

Because of the LDR nature of the relationship that Lillith and I have, we have not had much of a chance to share meals that we have made for each other. But on our last trip she made me shakshuka (sexschule) and it was delicious! More importantly it was an expression of her love.

I know this seems odd for a Dom to say (not to me, but others) but taking care of the people I love is part of my Dominance, part of my love language. Bringing the people in my life joy and love and happiness whether that is with pain, or sex, or a thousand other little ways. Those things feed (pun intended) the caring aspect of my nature and I don’t find that all odds in any way shape or form with hurting them for our mutual pleasure.

So do you want to know how I feel about you? If I have offered to feed you then it should be obvious.

I will make you a feast.


2 thoughts on “A Feast of Love”

    Yep, looking after people and giving them food is so totally a huge part of your love language. It is a lovely thing


    I enjoy being cooked for and I know he loves to take care of me and seeing as I don’t enjoy cooking that totally works for me.

    And pudding…mmmmmmmmm!!

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