The Addiction

In an old warehouse the woman sat on a low stool. Her legs each had a leather strap that was attached to chains that lead to the wall behind her forcing her cunt to be exposed. Another strap encircled her waist and was attached directly to the same wall.  Her gaze was vacant as one… Continue reading The Addiction

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Another point of view

Hello. Please refer to your blog, the section of your recent post entitled “Love.” That’s what I’m writing to you about. Some time ago I went through the breakup of a long-term relationship and although my situation had differences, I faced, and am still facing, many of the life/love themes that you are struggling with… Continue reading Another point of view

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Love, Sex, and D/s

I have written before (on the other site) about my thoughts on love and D/s. To recap briefly for the new people here I find that for me, those things go hand in hand. Others don’t feel the same way and that is cool. It just isn’t how I feel. Love We will start with… Continue reading Love, Sex, and D/s

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A New beginning

A new place where I will write whatever nonsense I need to get out of my head. The good, the bad and the ugly. I don’t know what is yet to come for me and at times I am frightened as to what it all mean. But for better or for worse this is the… Continue reading A New beginning

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