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Welcome Home My Love

Welcome Home My Love

She has become my life, my home. Home is a place to feel safe and loved and understood and she brings all that to me. I start each day with her and I send her to bed each night. Once I go to bed I leave a recording for her so that she has a message from me when she gets up each morning. By the time I wake up… Read More »Welcome Home My Love

Picture This for SInful Sunday

Picture This

There are many pictures of her on my phone from her daily task, specific requests and the rarest photos of all. Those from our times together. We try to remind ourselves to that we need more pictures of us, together, but inevitably, we get caught up in just being in the same space and being in love and lust and having moments that we never manage to do that. I… Read More »Picture This


Love is a banquet on which we feed

These words are just for you my little slut. I need you, I desire you, but those words are insufficient to express how much I need you. How I want to grab you and bind you. Tear your clothes off and use every single inch of you. Your hands cuffed together and raised over your head while I shred everything. Turn it all into scraps that don’t cover you at… Read More »Love is a banquet on which we feed

A Birthday apart

A Birthday Apart

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Today is a special day for someone that is new to my life. Someone unexpected. Someone that has brought me so much happiness. She loves my strangeness and my strange life. She even seems to love me for those things. So I find myself here in a new place. A place of hope even as the rest of the world falls apart. When just a few months ago I thought… Read More »A Birthday Apart

A Feast of Love

A Feast of Love

Most people know that I love to cook. It brings me great joy. Not just in the act of creating a meal, but it how it is received by the people who consume it. There is a peace and calmness that comes with making a meal. The steps and the and timing of getting it all done so that everything is ready at once makes me focus and in a… Read More »A Feast of Love

The Loop

The Loop

It had been a brilliant 3 days, full of love, laughter and really filthy sex. I was so very happy that we had this time to spend together. But the time was growing short and soon we would both be on our way back to our respective countries and LDR. We hadn’t really seen much of the city, our attention had naturally been on all those things that we had… Read More »The Loop

We belong in Paris

You belong to me, I belong to you and we belong in Paris

The title is true, mostly, the first part is absolutely true and while we do belong in Paris, it really could be any city in any country, anywhere in the world. Because the place doesn’t matter. Only one thing matters and that is that we are together. This will be our second time together and if the first was any indication I expect it will be just like that, only… Read More »You belong to me, I belong to you and we belong in Paris

Nude couple for aftercare

Before, during, and aftercare

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Mean week just ended. Lillith had mentioned when that week started that she was going to need a lot of aftercare (see Lillith’s note), and that was very good of her to let me know that since we are new together, and mostly LDR, so that kind of communication is vital. This was a challenge for the both of us since we were pushing boundaries and limits. The challenge was… Read More »Before, during, and aftercare

Image of a couple at the train station forAlways with me

You are always with me

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Those were the last words she said to me tonight as she went to sleep. And she is right, just as she is always with me. That doesn’t make LDR any easier and truth be told I was certain before I met her that I would never do another LDR again. But here we are. The thing is that we are pretty amazing together. We can talk for hours on… Read More »You are always with me