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Picture This

There are many pictures of her on my phone from her daily task, specific requests and the rarest photos of all. Those from our times together.

We try to remind ourselves to that we need more pictures of us, together, but inevitably, we get caught up in just being in the same space and being in love and lust and having moments that we never manage to do that. I am going to add that to our “Next Time” list to see if that helps at all.

We do send each other many pictures and videos throughout each day. Little snapshots of our daily lives to help us feel connected every day. I love that we share our lives through words and call and pictures.

This week I told her to go and take a shower and send me before and after pictures. If you follow her on Twitter you might have even seen a cropped version.

She sent me her pictures like the very good girl she is and then asked if I might do the same for her. So I did.

I am sharing some of them here now because I like to support Sinful Sunday. That is a hard thing for me because I don’t think I have a very good body, but after a tiny bit of cropping I ended up with something that I didn’t think was too bad. So here we are, my before, and after shot.

Picture This Before and After


Sinful Sunday

7 thoughts on “Picture This”

    As men we don’t see what they see.
    We don’t see the strength or back and leg they can see, if we are true we are looking forward. We don’t see the strength of arm and hands because we are busy holding. We don’t see that they seem wisdom and a different grace in our laugh lines and experience marks left by genetics, wind, sun and time.

    What we do see is the love that is in their eyes when they admire what we cannot see.

    Michael thanks for the inspiration and your post. I hope you don’t mind if I use my reply later in my own blog?
    Distancing is hard. Staying connected in the best of times is never easy. Be well, Be safe, Be Healthy, Be Happy.

    Ohhh I love you and her so much!
    I miss being near the two of you and breathing in the energy your love gives off
    It’s pure magic and has honestly given me hope that I’ll find that magic for myself
    You two have always been such an inspiration in my life

    Once things calm down… The world and my situation as much as timing, I’d love to hang out with the both of you

    Let you live in that love feeling and capture pictures of you together so you don’t have to think about it and can just live in the moment

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