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Love is a banquet on which we feed

These words are just for you my little slut.

I need you, I desire you, but those words are insufficient to express how much I need you. How I want to grab you and bind you. Tear your clothes off and use every single inch of you. Your hands cuffed together and raised over your head while I shred everything. Turn it all into scraps that don’t cover you at all. Take each ankle and spread your legs wide securing them so that you can’t move.

Then when you are nude and defenseless. I will take my pleasure in you. Choke you, use you and fuck you senseless and once you have passed out I will slap you awake again and start all over. This time I will mark you, your bottom, your breasts your thighs. Deep, lasting marks that you feel for weeks afterwards. I want to do every dirty thing that either of us can think of or desired, Every depraved thought we have ever had or read or seen in a porn video.

I want us to lose ourselves in those fires of lust, until we are sure of nothing but our heat and longing for each other. I want us to collapse gasping, but still grasping to please and touch and taste each other. For we need no other food nor drink to sustain us. We come as beggars to a banquet of love and sex and carnality.

This is not mere lust but souls that have been starved by time and distance and disease. We need each other like parched earth needs the rain. Like a thirsty man in the desert needs water. And nothing else will do until those needs are met in each other.

Even all this is not a scratch on our yearning, but it will have to suffice for the moment or I will simply type until my fingers bleed to tell her of the longing I feel for her


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