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Welcome Home My Love

Welcome Home My Love

She has become my life, my home. Home is a place to feel safe and loved and understood and she brings all that to me. I start each day with her and I send her to bed each night. Once I go to bed I leave a recording for her so that she has a message from me when she gets up each morning. By the time I wake up there is always a message for me.

These are just a few of the ways that we build our home. Together, learning and loving and growing to know each other and using all of the tools at our disposal. Our love, our friendship, our D/s. All of these help us create the foundation of our home, our future.

None of this is simple, distance, disease and our local lives make spending the kind of time together that we want difficult. But we make the best use of the time that we have. Long talks on so many topics. Long talks filled with laughter and teasing and life and it is only a taste of what is to come.

What we have is new to each of us in different ways and sometimes she finds it hard to believe in some of the things that I take as a given. But the important thing is that we work through them, together and find a new way that is our, and our alone.

I hope that I can help her find that home that she has brought to me.

I love you my little slut, my girlfriend, my partner. Welcome home my love


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