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You are always with me

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Image of a couple at the train station forAlways with me

Those were the last words she said to me tonight as she went to sleep. And she is right, just as she is always with me. That doesn’t make LDR any easier and truth be told I was certain before I met her that I would never do another LDR again. But here we are.

The thing is that we are pretty amazing together. We can talk for hours on a variety of topics and we learn from each other. Different lives, different cultures and thank dog she speaks my language because my skills in any of the many languages she speaks are subpar to say the least. We find way to share things that other couples do to, we are watching The Marvelous Mrs Maisel together and it has been wonderful. After meeting and spending 48 hours together and locking a bracelet on her to mark our advent we sadly had to part and return to our local lives (she mention that calling our lives apart our “real lives” seemed say that what we have isn’t real) and just as soon as we did we started planning the next time we can be together again.

So until then we cope as best we can with the distance and the differences in time and all the other things that make LDR hard. But we also treasure every moment we get to spend together no matter what way we get to.

Is it worth it? Even when it is tough I have to say… Hell yes! We bring so much joy and fun and delight into each others lives that I can’t imagine how things would be without it. And soon enough we will get to be with each other again to kiss and touch and fuck and bruise and for a short while lose ourselves in each other.

So you are right my little slut, I am always with you, just as you are always with me.


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