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Never Have I Ever

God's eye

The mote in god’s eye

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I don’t believe in god. I doubt that I ever have. While I was raised catholic and even an altar boy none of that made me believe. Experience only confirmed that none of the people at church had any answers that worked for me. I always wanted to believe, but I needed a logical and consistent system for that to work. A god I could understand and the one requirement… Read More »The mote in god’s eye


Body of Evidence

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I have never liked my body. Not any piece of it. Not when I was a child, not when I was a teen, not when I was a man and certainly not now that I am an old man. I am obviously not as unattractive as I think I am. A beautiful woman loves me and she is not the first. But I just don’t see it myself. I have… Read More »Body of Evidence

Fully Dressed

You’re Not Fully Dressed

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She was getting dressed to go to work while I made the coffee. As always I had to approve the panties she wore each day. I called her to come from the bedroom to get her coffee. She walked into the kitchen in just her top and her panties. “Are these alright Sir?” She spun in place to show me the black lace top panties with a bow. I frown,… Read More »You’re Not Fully Dressed

Three to get ready

Well, it’s one for the money, Two for the show, Three to get ready

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Now go, cat, go… Today’s never have I ever was going to be very different, but I am too raw from today’s events to do that. So I am going to go another way. An actual sexual NHIE. Not one that I think can be managed right now but I have decided that it counts if it is something that I hope to do someday. I want to fuck Lillith… Read More »Well, it’s one for the money, Two for the show, Three to get ready

We grow old because we stop playing

We don’t stop playing because we grow old

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We grow old because we stop playing. Lillith and I were talking the other night about her new November meme, Never Have I Ever and I told her that I was at a disadvantage simply because I am old and have done a lot of things that maybe most other people had not. And the things I haven’t done yet that were sexual things would be very tough because she… Read More »We don’t stop playing because we grow old