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You’re Not Fully Dressed

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You're Not Fully Dressed

She was getting dressed to go to work while I made the coffee. As always I had to approve the panties she wore each day. I called her to come from the bedroom to get her coffee. She walked into the kitchen in just her top and her panties. “Are these alright Sir?” She spun in place to show me the black lace top panties with a bow. I frown, “Not those, the black pair with the white print and the bow” She rushes back to the bedroom to change tossing a “Yes Sir” over her shoulder as she does. and returns a moment later with the panties requested and spins around again. “Are these the right ones?” I nod, and hand her the cup of coffee.

I will take a pause from this tiny bit of fiction that has never happened to tell you why I am writing this. Just the other day she wrote a post for #NeverHaveIEverNovember About a pair of panties of hers that I brought back when we last met. I had added a little something for her. That very sexy post inspired me to have this little fantasy of something I have never done. But now it will go on my list of things to do once we can be together again.

After we kissed and chatted about her day it was time for her to get ready to go to work. As she turned to go and get ready I stopped her. “Not yet my little slut, you are not fully dressed” She smiled and said “I know SIr, I am going to go an put on my skirt.” “Even then you won’t be fully dressed” I replied. “Hook your thumb in the waist of your panties and show me my cunt.” Her eyes got that look that they always do when she slips deeper into her submission and like the very obedient slut she is she complied. I looked in her eye as a stroked myself and told her how she would be wearing my cum all day at work and how I hoped that she would feel it every time she moved, That she would smell of sex all day, just like she was meant to. The smile on her face and the longing in her eyes was all it took to push me over the edge and fill her panties with my cum.

“Now” I said as I kissed her. “You are fully dressed.”


Never Have I Ever

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