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The longest way around is the shortest way home

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Never have I ever…

Lived on my own. Unless you count the year I was homeless. I have always lived with family. either blood or built with those that would have me. It is odd to get to be my age without having done something that is a normal rite of passage for most.

I think that it might be time to correct that. To see what it is like to live on my own. To learn to be on my own. Not forever and not without my Lillith in my life. Just for a time, until my future reveals itself to me.

Living with others is compromise and compromise that I make gladly for what it brings in return. But I have gone through life mostly unencumbered with things, I have never personally owned furniture, dishes, cookware. The trappings of everyday life. Generally I haven’t put much stock in having things. The people I know that are obsessed with stuff are generally afraid to enjoy what they have. To keep it as if it was new. They spend their time tending to their possessions and not nearly enough time getting enjoyment from them. My point of view has always been that they are supplemental to life but not integral to a happy life.

So maybe it is time to live with myself and see how that works. To have something that is mine alone and to keep it as I see fit and brings me pleasure.

It certainly have been a long and strange journey to where I am now. So let’s see if I can find my way to a new home.


Never Have I Ever

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