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Great Explorations

I am sure that many of you are aware there have been some profound changes in my life and relationships. That being said I am greatly enjoying getting to know new people and learning about new possibilities. Not all of the things I have learned from the changes have been good. But I suppose that is just how change is and you have to take the good with the bad

I want to talk about the good for a change. I have embarked on an exploration of my own. It is very new and I won’t reveal much information about who I am exploring with but I suspect that if you are a reader of my odd and eclectic twitter feed you might be able to make a pretty good guess. We have decided to be more open on twitter about our journey together.

I won’t say that everything is simple. But when is it ever? I will say that being open to what might be is far stronger than anything telling me to not take a risk. This is a relationship that is based in D/s. That is vital to me and frankly to her as well. It seems neither of us can do without that in our lives in some way, shape or form. We are learning, talking, laughing and just plain having fun. This something I needed more than I understood.

Where this goes neither of us knows. But it works for us in the here and now and the future is unknown territory. But we will start this exploration together and find out. I would say that this out of character for me, but this is me, Version 2.

Wish me luck, wish her luck. Wish us luck.

P.S. You can read her thoughts too


6 thoughts on “Great Explorations”

    […] I wouldn’t call myself a very patient person. Not while walking or driving. Not while doing a lot of other things.And also not while dating.Ever since I realised that I do need D/s in my life, I have been exploring the possibilities and looking to see what was out there.So I have been chatting with potential Doms, meeting them, and sometimes even more than that. I was craving submission so much. Well, I still do.Going into detail would be a bit too much for this post. So let’s just leave it at saying I wasn’t too successful.None of the men I’ve interacted with on different kink-related websites and also Twitter satisfied my demands. Ridiculous demands really, such as to be able to occupy my mind, not to bore me, to bring out my submissive side, and to live in an area close to me.Fastforward to the middle of September. I’ve read a tweet of someone I have been following pretty much since I joined Twitter in 2009. Nothing naughty. A personal tweet really and I felt that I needed to reach out to him. So I did and we started talking. About things going on in his life, things going on in mine.Soon, besides talking about personal things, we also started flirting and teasing. We exchanged pictures, voice messages and very soon he became a part on my daily life.Now, remember my ridiculous demands? Well, he occupies my mind. He does not bore me, but makes me think. He makes me feel submissive. And there are so many more things about him that make him so right for me.Only one tiny little detail isn’t the way I need it to be. He’s not from my area. By far.Yet, here I am.I made up a rule for myself that I won’t submit to someone until I’ve met them in person and saw how I feel about it then. And while I’ve been getting very close to breaking that rule, I haven’t and do not plan to.That said we have decided to be more open about exploring our possible D/s and see where things go.Enter K.And here are his thoughts. […]

    Good luck on the next part of your journey M. Everyone deserves happiness and to feel fulfilled. I hate that the need for these changes of direction have been so painful and lived so publicly, but you’ve always been honest and open about your D/s life, so I guess that continues too.

    I am very interested to share in those fragments of your new explorations fit for blog consumption, so thanks for posting.

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