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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

One of the things on the list for our last visit was a day of service. This was something new for both of us, well certainly for me at least, I will need to check with Lillith to be sure. As we explore our D/s we are trying different facets on for size to see what fits us. Assuming that we are on the same page, even for things we… Read More »Terms of Service

The Desperation in Her Eyes fishnets and cunt

The Desperation in Her Eyes

Michael and I started writing this post a while ago. With a few little adjustments, the story fit with the #WickedWednesday prompt, I finally got to write more erotica and got to take a picture of myself. The sun was setting as she finally arrived at her building. Standing in front of the door, she started looking for the key and wondered yet again why her bag was full of… Read More »The Desperation in Her Eyes

What do you mean written on a sidewalk

This is what I mean

A friend recently asked me about kink and impact play and bruises. “What is it that you like about that if I may ask? I wonder what goes through a guy’s mind?” As often happens when I am asked questions like this my mind immediately jumped to several answers that kind of got my point across, but with reflection I thought that maybe I could expand on those answers and… Read More »This is what I mean

That Little Click

There is a moment coming soon. Something unexpected but very desired. A moment when things will come together in a single place and time. Where questions that have been asked will be answered, and the truth of things will be made clear. Or not. I know what I believe will happen, that the connection that up to now only exists at a distance will become a connection made more intense… Read More »That Little Click

Maps for Great Explorations

Great Explorations

I am sure that many of you are aware there have been some profound changes in my life and relationships. That being said I am greatly enjoying getting to know new people and learning about new possibilities. Not all of the things I have learned from the changes have been good. But I suppose that is just how change is and you have to take the good with the bad… Read More »Great Explorations

One is the lonliest numer

One is the loneliest number

..or is it? I was recently asked about whether I wanted more than one sub. And to be honest at one point in my life I would have said “Absolutely” but then kitten came along and while I didn’t expect it, she was a great addition to my life. But now that Molly and I are no longer D/s, or a couple, well, I don’t know where things are going… Read More »One is the loneliest number