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One is the loneliest number

One is the lonliest numer

..or is it? I was recently asked about whether I wanted more than one sub. And to be honest at one point in my life I would have said “Absolutely” but then kitten came along and while I didn’t expect it, she was a great addition to my life. But now that Molly and I are no longer D/s, or a couple, well, I don’t know where things are going to go from here. I do know that I need D/s in my life and I don’t know that an LDR can fill that need enough to satisfy me. I have recently started talking to someone and that presents issues of its own that I don’t think I will share for the time being. After all it is a very new thing and my life is a bit chaotic at the moment.

Learning from what has gone before and applying it to what is to come is an important step for me, but I know I need to be open to more choices than I have been in the past. Some just won’t suit who I am, but if I don’t try I will never know, and as G.I. Joe said “Now I know, and knowing is half the battle.” I have always tried to pour myself into a single relationship and maybe that is the wrong path. So to answer the question I was asked before I started to meander hither and yon with this post. I can only say. I thought so once, but I don’t know anymore.

Thank you to the delightful woman who asked me this question and I will ask one in return. Do you want to be the only sub? Do you have to be the only sub?

I need to spend some time on this and figure out what is going to work. For me and the people who are in my life right now, and the people that might be in my life in the future


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