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The Cycle

The Cycle

She was the last of her kind. No one else kept to the old ways. Her family had made sure that the needed sacrifice had been done each year for millennia. It wasn’t just the date that kept her aware that the time was fast approaching. She could look out her window each night and see the signs. As her neighbors carved pumpkins and made harvest wreaths in pale remembrance… Read More »The Cycle

The Heat Between Her Legs

The Heat Between Her Legs

She tested the paddle against the palm of her hand. She had chosen it herself, curious if the holes in the smooth wood would leave the marks she craved so much. She had been told to wait with the paddle dressed in a way to please him. The feel of the paddle against her skin made her squirm. She loved and hated it at the same time. The way she… Read More »The Heat Between Her Legs

The Loop

The Loop

It had been a brilliant 3 days, full of love, laughter and really filthy sex. I was so very happy that we had this time to spend together. But the time was growing short and soon we would both be on our way back to our respective countries and LDR. We hadn’t really seen much of the city, our attention had naturally been on all those things that we had… Read More »The Loop

The Desperation in Her Eyes fishnets and cunt

The Desperation in Her Eyes

Michael and I started writing this post a while ago. With a few little adjustments, the story fit with the #WickedWednesday prompt, I finally got to write more erotica and got to take a picture of myself. The sun was setting as she finally arrived at her building. Standing in front of the door, she started looking for the key and wondered yet again why her bag was full of… Read More »The Desperation in Her Eyes

Silos for Mann

The Grey Mann

“If only there were a better way” He thought to himself as he pulled the supple leather gloves over his hands. “So many of them don’t work out, you never know how they will take to it, no matter how long you watch” He whistled to himself as he gathered the needed supplies and put them in the van. Once he had need a checklist to make sure nothing was… Read More »The Grey Mann

The Gift

I woke to find myself alone in bed. She wasn’t there beside me. But there was a note on her pillow and a hot cup of coffee on the nightstand beside the bed. I took a sip of the steaming coffee, she had made it just the way I liked it. I smiled and pick up the note. “Dear Sir, I hope you slept well and that the coffee is… Read More »The Gift

Speculume for Cross Examination

Cross Examination

Doctor Zhivago checked that all was in readiness for his next client. He had received extensive notes on this case and had made many preparations. “Nurse!” he called. “Bring her in.” The nurse led the naked redhead into the exam room using a leash attached to a collar around her neck. “She has had all of her holes thoroughly cleaned and is ready for your inspection.” The nurse said as… Read More »Cross Examination

Never go into the basement

“It sure does get dark early this time of year” Lilli thought as she arrived home from work. There was no one to greet her unless you count her goldfish. As she stepped through the front door she flicked the switch just inside to turn the lights on. The dark remained.She flipped the switch a few more times times and still no illumination. Lilli sighed and headed toward the fuse… Read More »Never go into the basement

Collared Woman for Of your own free will

of your own free will

I want you…No, that isn’t quite right. I mean, I do want you. But I want more, need more. There is something inside me that craves it. I have questioned many things about myself but not this need. Hard to believe there was a time in my life when I didn’t know that I needed it. But once you find out something like that about yourself. It turns out, there… Read More »of your own free will