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The Cycle

The Cycle

She was the last of her kind. No one else kept to the old ways. Her family had made sure that the needed sacrifice had been done each year for millennia.

It wasn’t just the date that kept her aware that the time was fast approaching. She could look out her window each night and see the signs.

As her neighbors carved pumpkins and made harvest wreaths in pale remembrance of years gone by she would wait and watch until she was sure it was time.

The way her body readied for what she had to endure. The way her breasts would become tender and swollen and her dreams would be filled with images of being taken in the dark by a force beyond compare.

These days she could watch the arrival from her window by the electric lamps that lined the streets. No gas lights any more, or torches from much older days.

It is the fog that told her as much as her body did that the time was close at hand. The way it gathered and flowed across the land, flowing and always seeking. Almost alive in its quest.

Each evening she would stare out across the field until it felt like the moment had arrived, until it felt like she was being pulled by forces beyond her ken.

Tonight was that night. She turned from her place by the window and put up her hair for she had learned that was best. She didn’t need to check that her cunt was bare and smooth because that was another lesson she had learned.

She didn’t bother with clothes for anything she had worn before never survived, just a simple white cotton robe to keep her covered on her short walk.

She left the front door open as she stepped outside into the autumn air. Her bare feet crunch the leaves that padded the path to her destination. The air was cool but with that odd mix of the last of summers warmth mixed with the bite of winter yet to come.

As she walked the fog started to gather at her feet and ankles feeling like she was wading into the ocean. The fog lapping at her calves and legs as it grew deeper and stronger lifting her robe as she strode on.

The lights from the street lamps kept it from being dark but also hid the world from her view changing everything into an almost blinding white haze. Even sounds started to fade away to a muffled silence.

The fog gripped her body tighter as it started to flow and gather around her. Feeling like ghostly hands touching her all over. That feeling intensified as the fog reached her cunt. Her lips were spread by those invisible fingers as she was penetrated and the moment those insubstantial digit met the warmth of her went cunt they became as solid as stone.

Suddenly the fog swallowed her up completely and her robe was torn from her body as if a thousand hands were assaulting her. Every opening in her body was filled with fingers touching her and violating her. Readying her for what was to come.

The hands withdrew from her cunt and her ass and her mouth and they pushed her down to the fragrant earth on all fours pinning her in place.

A deep yet sibilant voice surrounded her. “Do you give yourself as offering?”

“Yes” she moaned in response.

“Do you give yourself as sacrifice?”

“Yes” she moaned again.

“Do you give yourself of your own free will?”

“Yes, take me as you will and use me as I am meant to be used”

“Then it shall be done”

And with that her cunt was filled with something much larger than the fingers that were in her before as those ephemeral hands held her firmly in place.

She writhed under the assault of that cock in her cunt, screaming her approval as it took her, crying out to be fucked faster and harder as she came for the first time.

“More” she cried, “Use me more”

There was no reply but a cock pushed into her ass as well. She fucked back against the cocks using her, thrusting her bottom to force them as deep as they would go. As a finger of fog rubbed her clit she came over and over, always crying out for more.

Finally a third cock filled her mouth muffling her screams and the only sound was the fucking of her drooling holes.

She was lost in the complete pleasure of being used as she needed and desired as the cocks plundered her body over and over faster until they became stiffer and all at once exploded inside her and the world went white. She swallowed as fast as she could but the torrent unleashed in each of her holes could not be contained and spilled out over her entire body.

The cocks withdrew from her and the hands holding her down released her and rubbed the cum over her entire body caressing and soothing her.

Then they lifted her up and the voice returned. “You have sacrificed yourself. You have given yourself to be used. You have given the world the gift of another spring. This is the bargain made and will last for as long as one of you chooses to be used. This is the covenant.”

She awoke the next morning in her bed, sore and used and happy. She stood and went to the window and looked at the frost covered world beyond announcing that winter was making its return. She rubbed her tummy and and smiled.

Knowing that the seed of spring was planted within. That she had completed the cycle


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