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The Grey Mann

Silos for Mann

“If only there were a better way” He thought to himself as he pulled the supple leather gloves over his hands. “So many of them don’t work out, you never know how they will take to it, no matter how long you watch”

He whistled to himself as he gathered the needed supplies and put them in the van. Once he had need a checklist to make sure nothing was forgotten, but that was long ago. “Practice makes perfect” his Dad always used to say and after enough time his dear old Dad had yet again been proved right. He bent down to pick up the antique medical bag that had been passed down for three generations before ending up in his capable hands. But as he straightened back up he felt a twinge in the back of his right leg. “I must remember to have a chat with Robert at the gym, I don’t think my workout routine is suitable” He moved his leg to make sure the twinge had passed. Satisfied that it had he opened the front door and stepped out into an ordinary grey English morning. The weather suited him, it almost seemed like an extension of him. Constant and unremarkable in a way that his neighbors found difficult to even define. That is when they took enough notice to talk about him at all.

Not one of his neighbors even glanced his way as he placed the black bag on the passenger seat, climbed up into the plain white van and turned out of the drive joining the traffic on the way to the M1. The commute was the worst part of the whole job, but, as they say, needs must when the devil drives. He tuned the radio to The Breakfast Show with Chris Evans on BBC2, not because he liked it, no one actually liked it, but because it was what people did and whenever anyone could see him he did just what other people did. So he listened to the blather from the radio and hummed along tapping the wheel in time to the music while people waiting in the cars all around him did just the same.

After a considerable time (it takes a considerable time to get anywhere in London) He arrived for his daily activities. Today was a special day as it was Harvesting Day. Of all of his days that was always his favorite. This was when the work could truly begin and he would find out if this collection was to be wheat or chaff.

He pulled the van into a loading slot right by the entrance to Kings College and set up the cones and barriers as he had for the last several weeks. He had on his coveralls and Hi-Vis jacket and helmet and a clipboard firmly in hand. He wasn’t worried about anyone wondering why he was there as he had, once again, become an unremarkable part of the scenery. Work takes forever in the city  and no one ever expects to see any labour actually being done so long as there is someone with a clipboard surveying the situation.

He checked his clipboard and watch one final time. Abigail and Sarah were to be taken for winnowing today. The anonymous emails were always very precise with personal details and he had timed their daily routine for many weeks now. Sure enough Sarah crossed the street right at 9 on the dot, turning and stepping over the curb just as she had done every  time.

With a quick flick of his wrist he slid the chloroform soaked rag over her face and wrapped his other arm across her chest swinging her into the open side door of the van, she was out cold and covered with a handy packing blanket before anyone even noticed that anything was amiss. He had to be quick since Abigail always passed by just 15 minutes later and he had a very tight schedule to keep.

Abigail was obtained just like Sarah had been, smoothly, quickly and with as little notice taken. “People” He thought “are remarkably unobservant” sliding the side door to the van closed he very quickly gagged and cuffed the two young prizes together and sliding into the drivers seat he pulled away from the intersection as another white van pulled into the spot he just vacated.

“It is such a pleasure to work for such a competent organization” He said aloud as he merged into the heavy flow of trucks, buses and taxis. He settled in for the long drive back out to the suburbs where the work could truly begin in earnest, the excitement of what was to come only slightly tempered by the long drive ahead of him.

“You know ladies, there was a time where we could find places for this without having to ever leave town. But times change and while the crop is as fine as it has ever been, it is just impossible to find any privacy for a man to do his work”

The building had been empty for nearly a decade, the victim of a changing economy and a shortsighted borough council who would rather let an employer vacate to Wales rather than update a building to save hundreds of jobs. Now the formerly busy productive factory just sits and rots, or so it appears to the sleepy little town.

Pulling the van up to the security gate he reached up to the remote hung on the visor and drove inside the cavernous building. In spite of being just across the footbridge from both the train station and the struggling mall filled with charity shops as much as anything else, there was enough traffic with commuters and shoppers to make his comings and goings to this seemly abandoned factory practically invisible. Not to mention the ease of access for his employers.

Closing the large roll up doors behind him with another push of the remote he waited patiently for the steel doors to close completely before stepping out and turning on the overhead lights and rolling two trolleys beside the van. He carefully lifted each woman from inside and placed them on the the flat smooth surfaces, he paused for a moment to check that their pulse and breathing had not changed. Satisfied that he had sufficient time for the rest of his preparations before they regained consciousness he rolled them down the hall to a very special room.

Pressing yet another switch the lights in the training room came on followed by the soft strains of classical music. He didn’t particularly care for classical music, or really any music at all, but he had found that it made the transition much easier for his new trainees.

The room was cylindrical and at least 50 meters tall, divided by a clear glass hallway with hatches and doorways scattered along its length, it was obvious that these had formerly been the factory silos. He rolled each of the women into their own half of the room and placed them gently on a well padded adjustable bench. Strapping their arms and legs to the benches he began to grin widely, “This is why I do this” he thought as he pulled the hunting knife from his kit bag and began slicing Abigail’s clothes off depositing each freshly removed item in an incinerator bag. He slid the razor sharp blade under the thin strap of fabric between the cups of her bra. “Snip” was the only sound it made as the strands of fabric parted to reveal her breast, the nipples starting to harden upon exposure to the air of the room. Lastly he cut away her cotton knickers to find a cute little landing strip of dark pubic curls. “Oh my, that will have to go, but not just yet” He murmured.

He tucked the last of her ruined clothing into the sack and crossed to the doorway in the glass corridor,  stepping  through he latched the door behind. Now it was Sarah’s turn to be disrobed and he followed the same pattern as he had with Abigail because if Mr Mann was anything, he was consistent.  Once both of his charges were naked and strapped into place he returned once more to the glass hallway and unfolding a stool he sat to wait for the women to wake.

He sat calmly and patiently with only thoughts of the work to come. He had done this many times before, in the beginning he read the rules from a leather bound notebook that contained all that was to come, but after so many sessions he knew what had to happen by heart.

They would wake, and struggle for a bit, groggy from the drugs and then the shouting would begin. There was always shouting and crying and he would, as always, wait quietly and then when they were ready he would tell them the rules. Not all the rules at once, that had turned out to be too much information for them to absorb in one lesson. Refinements had been made over time and feeding the trainees what they needed to know a bit at a time had been found to work the best.

He could hear them starting to stir and prepared himself for the induction.

As he had known they would both women struggled and shouted and cried, he waited patiently before beginning.

“Good afternoon Abigail and Sarah. My name is Mr Mann. I shall be your trainer. You may call me Mr Mann or Sir.” He paused for a moment to let them both call out again for help. “Please be aware that no one can hear you and no one will be looking for you. As far as the school is aware you have both departed for an extended study abroad program. Your advisors will receive regular glowing updates. You were both chosen for your lack of immediate family as well as your many other attributes. Please believe me when I tell you that your best course of action is to follow all commands quickly and to the best of your ability, as failure to meet my exacting standards will result in harsh punishment.”

He waited again while both of the shackled women shouted themselves hoarse.

“Please pay attention to these rules as how you are treated will depend on how closely you adhere to these instructions.”

  1. You will follow any and all instructions given to you by anyone unless I tell you otherwise.
  2. You will call any man you encounter here Sir unless otherwise instructed.
  3. You will call any woman here Miss unless otherwise instructed.
  4. You are to remain naked unless I or another Sir or Miss give you something to wear
  5. You will use the safeword Coventry, this is only to be used in event of extreme physical discomfort. If it is decided that you have used the safeword unnecessarily you will be punished.
  6. You are in competition with each other, I or your handler that I designate with be the sole judge of the outcome of any competition.
  7. This is not a complete list of rules, more will be added until the successful completion of your training or such time as you are  removed from the program.

“These  are the rules and they shall be strictly enforced. We shall now begin with your induction training. Upon successful completion of your first task you will be given food and water. The winner of the first task will also be given a blanket for the evening while the loser will remain uncovered “

With those words he touched a button on a small touchscreen.

“You will find that your restraints have been loosened. Your first task is to masturbate to orgasm, you have ten minutes to complete your task or you will be punished and whichever of you reaches orgasm first will be the winner and have a nice warm blanket to wrap up in for tonight”

Abigail woke with a start wondering if she was still dreaming. Why couldn’t she move? Why was she cold and naked? The last thing she remembered was walking to school and that was it. She tried moving her arms and legs again to no avail, turning her head she could see that her wrists were in leather cuffs attached to the padded bench she was lying on.

“Hello” she called out “Is anyone there, where am I? What is going on?”

She thought she could hear another woman’s voice calling out so she shouted louder

“Hello… help me please! What is happening?”

She heard the other woman’s voice again and she strained to listen but couldn’t make out what was being said.

“oh god, someone please tell me what is going on!”

With that Abigail started to cry and struggle against her bonds, but they still wouldn’t yield. It wasn’t until she had cried herself hoarse that she heard something other than the distant sounds of someone else doing the same. It was a mans voice. Saying terrible things about how they had been taken and that no one would know and that they were to be trained! Trained for what? Abigail wondered and then she heard the rules.

Now Abigail wasn’t scared anymore, she was angry. When Mr Mann got to the end of his speech she heard a click and when she moved her arms she found that her wrists were free. Pushing herself upright she got a good look around. She seemed to be in some sort of tower that had been divided in two with a transparent hall. In the corridor she could see someone who she supposed was Mr Mann and beyond him another nude woman sitting up and looking around just as she was. She tried to swing her legs over the side of the padded bench she was on only to find that they were still attached.

“What the fuck? Do you really think I am going to do what you tell me to, you sick twisted twat?” she shouted “Let me out of here”

“Oh my dear Abigail, I know you will fight it at first, but soon you will learn. Why look at Sarah she has already begun working on her first task and is, I think, well on her way to getting a lovely warm blanket”

As he spoke he push a button on a control pad and a monitor lit up showing Sarah with her fingers already between her legs. As Abigail watched the view changed to a close up of fingers sliding over a wet pussy and rubbing an already hard clit.

“Why I am not sure that even if you started now you could possibly catch up, but you at least might want to try, even if you don’t get the blanket I am sure you will want to avoid your punishment for failing to complete your task at all”

All the while he was speaking the view on the monitor in front of her kept changing, showing Sarah’s face, her erect nipples, and her hands moving ever faster between her thighs making it obvious that there were many cameras watching from every possible angle.

“Sarah!” Abigail shouted “Stop, don’t do what they want, if we stick together and refuse them we can win, don’t give in!”

“That is where you are wrong young lady” commented Mr Mann “We have done this many times before and we always get our way. Sarah is smart enough to know how to be a winner, sadly that means that you may have to learn the hard way”

She could hear Sarah’s moans clearly now, obviously Mr Mann had turned the audio up to accompany the video and in spite of herself Abigail couldn’t stop watching, mesmerized by Sarah’s body, she had never seen anyone touch themselves before except in porn and this was live right in front of her.

Suddenly Sarah arched her back and that camera switch to a closeup of her pussy as Sarah rubbed her clit frantically with one hand and spread herself wide with the other as her orgasm swept over her. Abigail could see Sarah’s cunt pulse and hear her moans as if they were right in her ear.

“Good girl Sarah” Mr Mann picked up a blanket from the floor and stepped through to the side of the room where the flushed and panting girl lay exhausted. He spread the blanket over her shuddering form and rolled a small table with a cup of water to the side of the bench. “Very well done indeed my little winner”

Once Sarah had received her prize he turned and stepped back into the central corridor and latched the door

“Now Abigail, it is time to attend to you”

Mr Mann walked to the door of Abigail’s Cell, pulling off his belt as he stepped through the doorway.

“Frankly Abigail, I am glad it is you, I have been looking forward to this ever since I grabbed you, and to be completely honest I prefer brunettes”

“Fuck off you twat, I’m not taking any punishment” she shouted as he moved towards her. “I never agreed to this stupid game”

“None the less, this is going to happen and it can happen hard or it can happen easy. I would prefer a fight Abigail, I want to feel your body struggling until you surrender to me.”

“Well come on then if you think you’re hard enough”

Mr Mann chuckled. “I do think I will be by the time we are finished”

With a final few strides he closed the distance to the bench where Abigail struggled and cursed. Since she was still secured by her ankles all she could do was swing her arms and upper body wildly as he approached. Mr Mann’s grin grew broader as he stood just outside her reach.

“You will be taught to obey” He said with a grin. “They all obey in the end”

Pressing the release on his remote her ankles were suddenly free and she leapt off the bench and tried to run. But somehow he had anticipated her movement and grabbed her around the waist and threw her over his shoulder. She beat at his back and his head wildly trying to break free. But all he did was laugh

“Is that all you’ve got little one? I am sure you could try harder”

Those words enraged Abigail and she redoubled her efforts, pulling his hair and trying to bite him.

“Now that is the little spitfire I was looking for! I like a bit of fight before the main event”

Mr Mann swung Abigail around and sat down on the bench with her stretched across his lap. She twisted and kicked but her position made her feel helpless and he held her firmly around the waist with one hand. Her toes could just touch the floor but her hands were too far away to make her feel balanced.

She was utterly unprepared when she felt the first impact of the belt. It caught her right across the center of her ass and burned like a brand had been applied and she gasped with the pain of it. There was no time to even scream as the next blow swept across her bottom and the next and the next.

Mr Mann was relentless his arm rising and falling sweeping the belt down and across her bottom, each stroke leaving behind the distinctive double red lines that only a belt can make. The whole time he kept a running monologue up.

“I make bad girls good. It’s what I do and all girls are bad until I make them good, it’s axiomatic. Once they are good they do as they are told and then it’s not punishment” At first Abigail could think of nothing but the fire on her bottom and to keep breathing. Each blow seemed to force the air out of her lungs leaving her to quickly inhale before the next impact came.

It all blurred into a rhythm, smack, gasp, breathe. Over and over it repeated all the while Mr Mann never stopped his refrain.  “I make bad girls good. It’s what I do and all girls are bad until I make them good, it’s axiomatic. Once they are good they do as they are told and then it’s not punishment”

Then something started to change, it stopped being a fire. It slowly became a pulse, a throb that moved through the core of her, a new a different kind of heat that raced through her and with this change came a kind of separation as if she was floating outside of her self. A observer rather than a participant but still connected. What she noticed next was that Mr Mann was very hard. She could feel his cock through his trousers pressing against her naked body and that only added to the building heat. His cock seemed to throb with each stroke of the belt and that excited her. She moaned as he relentlessly whipped her bottom and instead of trying to escape she started wiggling her body against him.

“Yes, Mr Mann, please make me a good girl, I don’t want to be bad anymore, please”

As she said these words she could feel his cock shudder and come right in his trousers, she had made him orgasm by being a good girl. The male smell of him filled her head and made her squirm all the more and he dropped the belt to the floor and thrust his hand between her thighs pushing his fingers into her cunt.

“Oh Mr Mann, it feels so hot and so good. please make me come please Sir”

“Now that is how a good girl behaves Abigail, come for me and you will see how nice it is when a good girl does as she is told”

She squeezed the fingers inside her as hard as she could and that was all it took to push her over the edge. She came, hard and intense, the ache of her bottom making it feel as if she would burst with the agony and pleasure of it all.

He picked her up gently and lay her back on the bench face down and carefully reengaged the shackles. Abigail just lay there panting trying to understand what had just happened to her. Her whole body seemed to pulse with every beat of her heart as she drifted. He reached down and gently stroked her hair before picking up his belt and sliding it back through the loops on his trousers.

“You have made a very good beginning Abigail” He paused and looked at her. “If you do well tomorrow perhaps Sarah will be the one with the marks and you will be the one with the blanket”

He strode away turning the lights off in the room leaving the two new trainees to sleep and wonder what the rest of the training might be.

Mr Mann turned on the lights and walked into the corridor between the rooms where Abigail and Sarah were sleeping. He was followed by two men in masks. He paused and removed a remote from his pocket and switched on two monitors. “Good morning ladies, I hope you slept well. It is time to earn your breakfast. As you see I have brought each of you your next challenge.” as he spoke the two men unzipped and revealed their hard cocks. “I am sure you are both quite famished at this point.” The door to the chamber opened and two naked women masked just as the men were entered the room wheeling carts of food. The aroma of hot food filled the room. The carts were positioned near each of the women strapped to their tables. The scent of the food was intoxication to Sarah and Abigail but they waited to hear what it was they would need to do before speaking. They had learned that Mr Mann was a stickler for the rules and if they stood any chance of gaining their freedom that at least the appearance of obedience would be required. Mr Mann paused for a few moments. When it became apparent that they had at least seemed to have learned from yesterdays session he gave an approving nod. “Good girls, it is good to see that you are learning your place, if you would like to have the delicious breakfast we have provided for you then you are each going to have to please the man and the woman who brought you breakfast. Of course to make it interesting again this will be a competition. The first of you to make them both come will get a full breakfast and the other will only get the come that they have swallowed, you will also notice that the monitors each have your name on one of them. My employers will be monitoring and voting on your performance, so it is not only speed that matters but style as well. Based on the total score earned today and in the days to come there will be additional rewards and punishments until your final exam. You may direct your subjects to the activities you wish to do with them to show your talents to their best advantage. You may only use your mouths and hands, we are saving your other holes for later challenges once you are closer to completing your training” With that he clicked the remote that released their restraints.

After yesterday’s loss and subsequent punishment Abigail wasted no time leaping from the table and moved towards the waiting couple. Sarah saw her jump into action and moved as quickly as she could to once again win, Sarah always said that she didn’t mind whether she won or lost, but that she preferred winning. Neither of them noticing that they had completely engaged in the competition with no thought of resisting. Mr Mann nodded at their competitive nature and quick assimilation, not that he was terribly surprised, they had been careful vetted for suitability before being selected. Sarah knelt before the masked man and took his already stiff cock in his mouth determined to give the best blowjob. Tongue swirling, her head moving to swallow him whole and one hand cupping his balls she sucked and moaned as if this was better than the meal that she might win. In a way she was starting to believe that herself. The cock in her mouth was exciting her and the fact that doing well might earn her something also was having its own effect, she would still occasional glances at the scoreboard to see if she had received any votes. She redoubled her efforts when she saw her scores start to increase. She was frustrated to note because of the positioning of the monitors that she couldn’t see Abigail’s score.

Meanwhile on her side of the glass partition Sarah put her plan into action. She moved the couple right beside her table and also dropped to her knees to suck the cock before her. But she also began to finger the already wet cunt of the woman. and every few moments moved her mouth from his cock to her pussy until she felt that she had excited them enough for the next part of her cunning plan. She rose from her knees and bent the willing woman over her table. “My table,” She thought to herself. “When did that happen?” She took the man by the cock and guided into the wet cunt before her. “Fuck the her, I have made her ready for you Sir, I have made sure that her cunt is wet and open for you. The man slid his cock all the way in with a single thrust as the woman underneath him groaned. Those moans only increased as Abigail made her way underneath her and applied her tongue to the juncture of the fucking bodies. His thrusts increased as Abigail spoke. “Please come in her Sir, I can’t wait to taste Miss’s come mixed with yours. If I don’t get to eat anything else I will be satisfied with your come filling my belly from her well used hole. As she spoke Abigail started to rub her cunt. “I mean it! What has happened to me that I have become such a slut so quickly?” She thought, but then all thought was banished from her head as she resumed trying to bring herself to orgasm while licking the scrumptious mixture from the pairing. When the man grunted and came unable to hold back any longer Abigail tried to get every drop that spilled out into her mouth and finally when the man was spent and pulled himself out of the open and come filled cunt she captured his dripping cock in her mouth and cleaned it as if she was suckling for milk. Once he was clean she moved her mouth to the woman and using her fingers and tongue she made short work of the meal before her, all the while bringing herself and the woman she was enjoying closer to orgasm. With a shudder the woman came and flooded her mouth with the mixed come. Abigail came as she swallowed relishing the taste and in an odd way her humiliation at being such a dirty girl. and finally crawled out from beneath the table finally looking at her scoreboard. Where the score read 1256 with a bonus score of 100 points and underneath the words “Task Completed” flashed. She glanced over to see Sarah swallowing the come that her man was feeding her, and for a moment felt sorry for Sarah, but that passed when she remembered how Sarah had beaten her at the previous day’s competition and the smug smile that Sarah flashed at her.

Mr Mann stood in the center corridor between their chambers and watched as the men and women exited the rooms with the unsatisfied woman pushing the cart full of Sarah’s food away. Sarah whimpered and slumped to the floor as she saw that her board read “Task Incomplete. ” 0 points. “Well it seems we have a winner” Announced Mr Mann. “Abigail your method and technique were excellent and that is reflected in your score. Sadly Sarah while you were very enthusiastic with your mouth. you failed to be inventive as well. You will need to do better to have a chance to reach your final examination. But to encourage you to learn from Abigail I will leave a small pass through open between your chambers and if you can find a way to convince Abigail to help you she may, if she chooses. share some of her banquet with you. But if you aren’t able to convince her or if you are properly attentive to your instructions from her then the watching judges will close the pass through and there will be no food for you this morning.” Turning to Abigail he continued. “After a less then stellar start you have made excellent progress slut. If you continue like this I can see you being very popular with the judges. But for now I will leave you to your food and possibly helping your rival if you choose to. I will be back later today with your next challenge.”

With that he strode from the room leaving to two women to consider what just happened and what might be to come for them.

Yes, there will be more, but I thought that maybe this might be a good place to stop… for now.


Photo by Sebastian Grochowicz on Unsplash

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