New Signs

A New Beginning


To Be on the Safe Side

I will, of course, start with the obvious things. I don’t play with anyone without a safe word. Those are my rules, you can have different rules and someone else…
knives out black

Knives Out

You all love twisting the knife into one another. Benoit Blanc: Knives Out

Moose Hide

I love delivering a good flogging. Now don’t get me wrong I love all kinds of impact play. But flogging has a special appeal to me. The very first piece…

Airing My Dirty Laundry

Even when you really don’t go anywhere and spend all your time working from home, eventually you have to do the laundry. I know that Lillith and Molly despair at…

The Shape of Love

Love takes many forms, some are more unconventional than others. Some have become more conventional over my lifetime. When I was young the open show of love between same sex…

My Indulgence

This started off to be a different post. But I abandoned that for the time being because it needs more thought and communication, or maybe we need to just do…
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