New Signs

A New Beginning

Love and Respect

Find out what it means to me

I have read a lot of posts about respect recently and many of them have rubbed me the wrong way and I haven’t been quite sure why until I thought…

Something to talk about

Back in the 80’s and 90’s I did concert sound for many artists. Some I knew and some I had heard before and some I saw for the first time…


I want her to succeed. Always. When set a task, when being punished, when making changes to make her life better. Why would I ever want anything else. I want…

Good Enough

I have always striven to be a good man. I have often failed. That doesn’t stop me from trying again and again in the hope that this time, I might…

Welcome Home My Love

She has become my life, my home. Home is a place to feel safe and loved and understood and she brings all that to me. I start each day with…

Picture This

There are many pictures of her on my phone from her daily task, specific requests and the rarest photos of all. Those from our times together. We try to remind…
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Sheets of San Francisco