New Signs

A New Beginning


Bound to me

It was a long time coming this moment. We had been waiting an eternity, or at least it felt like one. But that long awaited time had arrived. She was…

The Sixth Sensuality

Too often we think of thing to narrowly. That words have a single meaning and not many, if not multitudes. I love words, the way they make me feel, the…

Devil’s Food

I know neither of the following recipes are about Devil’s Food cake but rather I am the devil making the food. I love to cook and bake. It feeds the…

Taboo to you

I have many passing thoughts, some are silly, some are deep (at least I think so) and some just keep bouncing around in my head until I have the time…

Pride and Joy

The world has not improved in many way since I was a teen. Mostly the future I had hoped for mostly hasn’t come to pass and in many ways we…

Before, during, and aftercare

Mean week just ended. Lillith had mentioned when that week started that she was going to need a lot of aftercare (see Lillith’s note), and that was very good of…
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