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The List


We are going to see each other again on Monday. We met in Paris in March and were already discussing when we would meet again. Then things changed and those plans were put on hold. I know for many it has been much longer since they have seen or will get to see their person and that just sucks and so I try not to be very public about our upcoming visit.

We always make plans, plans on how she is to work off her points. plans on how we want to spend our days together, and our nights. We do a fairly good job of doing most of the things on our list but not so inflexible about those things that we can’t vary if circumstances call for it.

There is a list for this visit to, it is not a comprehensive list, more just notes, a bit of guidance if you will. Including some things that we might not share for a while. All consensual, all with a safeword and all with love.

Because as much as anything else this trip is a chance to spend a bit more time together and experience things that include personal and cultural things. It will be my first trip to her homeland so that we can experience that together as a couple. Boyfriend and girlfriend, Dom and sub, partners and lovers.

I plan to finish this list, both written and unwritten and the things we haven’t thought of so that when this brief excursion is done we can make a new list. Now I am not a great fan of lists, but Lillith is and what I want to do is make her happy. And me too. A brief escape from the pressures of life where we get to be just her and I for a little while until it is time to back to local life.

I am sitting in Heathrow as I finish this so I can press publish just before I board and I know that there will be a list of mistakes that I have missed and she has spotted waiting for me when I land. More importantly, she will be waiting so we can start working through our list.


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