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I mentioned on Twitter the other day that I was going to learn a new skill. I had a few people ask me what I was going to be learning. I didn’t share that information, but I will now. Recently I wrote a post for Kink of the Week – Grooming called A Close Shave where I talked about shaving Lillith and I bemoaned the lack of a cut-throat razor to do it with. Then Lillith wrote her own post Touch Me where she talked about having had that done before as well as a few other details and this kink moment was added to the list of things to do together.

I realized that this was the perfect opportunity to address the lack of that type of razor and so I had one sent to the house. Now even at my advanced age I have never used this kind of shaving implement. I knew that meant that I need to learn how to use this. The point is to shave and not draw blood after all.

So where better to try it out than on myself. After all if I am not willing to learn on myself this isn’t something that I should even think about doing with her. So once the delivery arrive I watch some videos and did some reading and went upstairs to try my hand and see if I would survive this lesson.

The fact the I am writing this post should be proof that I have manage to not cut my own throat. With more practice I will improve until I feel I am ready, until the world is ready and of course with prior consent, when she is ready.

Until then, practice makes perfect. And a new skill will have been acquired.


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