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A Close Shave

A Close Shave

I recently asked Lillith if she would like it if I brushed her hair. She demurred and when I asked why she said that she didn’t think that she would like it. Now I hope one day to at least get her to let me try. But obviously if she doesn’t want to, she doesn’t have to.

What I would like is to have her shave me. And I would like to shave her. To be specific I want to shave her sweet little pussy. I want to strap her down with a towel under her bottom and her legs spread wide and cuffed in place. I will have two bowls one of hot water and one of warm water, some shaving cream and warm towels.

I will use a warm damp cloth to wet the area I am going to shave, to get it ready to be lathered. Like in the picture I will use an old fashioned shaving brush to make sure I don’t miss anywhere. Working the lather in the cup and then spreading it. Covering her mons and then over her delicate lips.

Now as much as I wish I had a cut throat razor to do the job I don’t. As well I don’t want to damage her. That isn’t the point. She is the most precious thing in the world to me and I want nothing but the best for her. I want to feel safe and loved and protected. That her trust in me is well placed. That I have earned that trust and I will continue earning it everyday. So a safety razor will suffice.

With long steady strokes I move the razor across the stubble and rinse it the bowl of hot water and dip it in the warm. After each swipe of the razor I trail my fingers to check my handy work, making sure she is smooth. Ready for use.

It is caring and seduction and teasing all at the same time. I take my time, attention to detail and patience is critical. As I shave her I test her for wetness. Sliding one, then two fingers inside, curling them in that way that I know that she enjoys. Just enough to keep her on the edge, prolonging the pleasure and the moment for both of us.

I carefully shave around her pussy lips and bottom and she moans as I use the warm towels to make sure all of the shaving cream is wiped away. For a final time I run my fingers all over her to make sure she is perfectly smooth and then to the final test. I rub my face on her, I can smell her arousal as I trace her curves right down to her wet cunt. I flick my tongue on her clit and delve into the folds of her pussy.

I lick and finger her to orgasm and her cum soaks my face. Her thighs tighten and shake as she orgasms and her moans are music to my ears. I kiss her so that we can both taste her on my lips and the scruff of my, as yet, unshaven face reminds her, that I need a close shave too.


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    He has shaved me, however it’s not something I’m keen on repeating and as much as I like the idea of shaving him, I need him in one piece!

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