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Mean Day™ 11/5/21

Mean Day
A Bondage Banana, she will know why it is mean.

Hi my little slut. Welcome to another Mean Day™. As I always I try to be a creative as I can in giving you your instructions for Mean Day™ and I decided my blog was a way to share that I haven’t used yet.

So here are the rules.

  • All usual rules apply. Asking permission to pee. Food rules. Cleaning rule. Yoga rule and so on.
  • You should be sure to have your misery stick with you. As well as 2 clothes pins.
  • Below is the first of two wordsearch puzzles. You may need to do these at a PC since it could be tricky on your phone. You may look this one now but not begin solving it until Monday night.
  • Any actions you find in the answers will do.
  • Any statements you find you will say to me.
  • I will publish the second puzzle tomorrow.
  • As always there will be additional instructions sent throughout the day, this time they will be sent on Twitter and that is where you will ask for permission for all things. The usual response times apply.
  • Also you know that your safeword rules apply as always and the point of this all that we enjoy our Mean Day™ together and to express our love.
  • I love you my little slut.

How to play

Left click and hold the mouse button on the first letter of the words and then swipe across to the last letter and the found words will be highlighted and the word block below will change color.

[game-wordsearch id=”6984″ ]

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