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Honor Bound

Windmills for Honor

I missed the kink of the week prompt for this. I did try, I started writing a story that I though might just squeak in both in timing and in content. But work and the world got in the way and I didn’t finish the story. I will because I think it is a good one but I will take my time with it. But in a way I am glad that I didn’t manage to get it done because if I had I might not have spent more time thinking about it and coming to this post.

I will be honest and say that I haven’t read many of the posts on this topic, but you certainly should. The few I have read have been wonderful stories of subs holding their place (or at least trying) to please their Dom. They are great stories that do a wonderful job of showing submission even if it is just in the kink moment.

So for me (and maybe no one else) the topic runs much deeper and speaks to the root basis of D/s and love. The bondage of two people to each other. Dom and sub, boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, any committed relationship really. That in the end we are choosing each other everyday, every moment, over and over. No matter what. That we honor each other and ourselves by being bound to that person or people, not just for now but for always.

It isn’t easy and it certainly doesn’t always last. We are, after all only human and not perfect in anything we do. But like the story of Don Quixote and his impossible dream, I can think of no more noble or honorable quest than to bind yourself so completely to the one (or the many) that you love. Maybe I am just weird (I know that many of you are nodding right now) but I can only do as my heart tells me is honorable and right. If I love you it is forever. What that means might change with time and circumstances but it doesn’t change that fact.

For me D/s is just another facet of that. That the Dom just as much as the sub bind themselves together, not with ropes or chains, but with honor. So today, like every other day. I choose to be bound to you my Lillith, on my honor.


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