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It’s Like Rubbing Your Own Feet.

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Do you prefer to rub your own feet when they are sore, or would you rather someone else did it for you? Of course most people would choose to have someone else rub your feet. It just feels better, right?

Well, it is the same for me with having orgasms. I can do it myself but it always, always, always feels better when I have my orgasm with a partner.

What brings up this topic I hear you ask? Well, Lillith and I were chatting when she said “When was the last time you had an orgasm?” and I had to think hard to remember when the last time was. Lillith and I don’t get to be in each others presence very often. I always make sure that she has plenty of orgasms even when we are apart but I rarely have them, or in fact rarely have the urge.

I own masturbators, I really enjoy my OffBeats and my Jett. Yes, masturbating does make me cum, but it isn’t satisfying. It doesn’t reduce my desire it only increases it. What satisfies my desires is sex with a partner. Masturbation doesn’t bring that relief. So what I do is simply not think about sex. That is, until I am going to see her again.

As always this is only about me and as I have been told many times, I am weird. If having a good wank works for you then hurray!

But for me, some things are only satisfying when provided by someone else. Like a foot rub, or a back scratch, or… an orgasm.


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