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I have limited these points to five

I have limited these points to five
I have limited these points to five

I am going to diverge from the list of questions for this prompt because that is just who I am.

My list is going to be 5 things I have learned being kinky. Now as always these observations are from my admittedly narrow perspective.

1. Being kinky is not going to fix your life nor that of your partner. It doesn’t make anything easier, if anything it makes life more complicated and fraught with more minefields than you have ever imagined. You will make horrible mistakes and make them often.

2. You will talk about everything, more than once. Then, you will talk about it again. Then you will check in to make sure what you have talked about hasn’t changed since you last talked about it. Eventually you will realize you have missed something important and talk again.

3. No matter what your age or how long you have been doing kink you will find new kinks. Or old kinks will change in some way you will not anticipate.

4. Your partner(s) kink will not perfectly align with yours. They will not like some of the things you love and you will not like some of the things they love. You will need to learn ways to still make things work. It won’t always be easy, but you really do need to try.

5. I have learned that my kinks are not a choice, they are integral to who I am. My choice is how I act on those kinks, to act on them with consent and discussion and to always respect my partner in kink.

I have limited these points to five, because that is the meme after all. But really there are thousands of things I have learned and in spite of my age I am sure there many lesson I haven’t learned just yet.

So I will keep forging ahead and make many missteps along the way. Hopefully before I shuffle off this mortal coil I will learn enough to say I didn’t always suck at it.


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